Homemade Universal Circle

Here’s my attempt at making my own homemade Universal Circle. Due to download_size restrictions, I’ll post the images in four consecutive postings.

The first image shows the masking tape being laid down to mark off the inner and outer circle.

After the masking tape was laid down, red acrylic paint was applied.

Once the inner and outer circles were painted, the masking was removed. Stencils of the Aramaic characters were made from card stock. The image shows the stencils being painted in.

After two weekend afternoons, the Universal Circle is now complete. I’m pretty happy with the results. I used heavy black denim as my fabric and fabric-safe acrylic paint. It’s almost ready to use. I’m now in the process of charging the circle by re-tracing the characters with blood. I hope to have it ready by May 10th. Wish me luck

Fuck yeah! That is awesome work man!

Nice work. Good luck with using it and getting manifestations and results.

nice work, but the first symbol is upside down…?

That’s a job well done!

It’s upside down? Thanks, I’ll go check. I did copy the symbols directly from the example given on website.

You’re absolutely right!!! Thanks! I’ll correct it this afternoon. I’d be totally embarrassed if the first spirit I connected with laughed at me for getting the Aramaic script flipped.