Holy Guardian Angels: what are their distinct capabilities?

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  1. People have been anxiously waiting for GoM’s Holy Guardian Angels book…so it must be a very special books then. I’ve always wondered, what are the unique powers of the holy guardian angels? What can they do that the (regular) angels, Shem angels, and archangels can’t / don’t?

  2. Am I correct to understand that based on what’s written here: https://galleryofmagick.com/2019/01/23/the-future-of-magick/, it seems that GoM will eventually release the holy guardian angels book for free? (Wow!)

  3. Has anyone got GoM’s latest “Mystical Words of Power”? I have it but haven’t tried any of the rituals yet. Curious if anyone can share interesting results from the rituals of that book, especially the 7 rituals in the first part of the book :wink:

  4. The shem angels in GoM’s book have the “iah” ending, whereas in Ben Woodcroft’s book, they have the “el” ending. Do we get different powers depending on which version of the names we call? For instance: Ben’s book says that Vehuel can help us understand science or mathematics. But GoM’s (Damon Brand) book doesn’t mention that ability for Vehuiah. Does that mean that if we want to understand science or maths, we have to call Vehuel instead of Vehuiah, even though both names refer to 1 same angel?

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Hello, I’ll share my thoughts on this one when I have some time later or tomorrow, but this particular subject is a bit outside my experience. I have very briefly come into contact with what i believe to be my HGA, or at least a small aspect of it, but there is still very much for me to learn here.

I have begun using the Mystical Words of Power though, so I’ll share some of my experience with it. For anyone who’s familiar with the Gallery’s works, the powers are connected to the 42 Letter Name, which is also explored in the book Angels of Alchemy. These angels are said to express their power through you, and there’s a lot more to that statement than you’d think (still figuring that out myself as well).

And to briefly touch on that last point, from what I understand the “el” ending is used more in demonic magick while the “iah” ending is used more in purely angelic magick, but there seems to be more nuance to it than that. Some of the angels in the Gallery’s Shem book are called with the “el” ending if I recall correctly, so it may just be a repeated pattern sort of thing, similar to “smudging” perhaps.

I’ll try and get mystical for you later :slight_smile:


Great! Looking forward to your thoughts about Mystical Words of Power :wink:

“el” is used in demonic magick? Wow I never knew that! But Ben Woodcroft uses the “el” ending in his angel book (Angelic Sigils, Keys & Calls)…surely if we use Ben’s method, we still call angels instead of demons?


Of course you call Angels. I have the book and have used it myself, and most requests have brought results in under 24 hours. Really powerful and fast, as long as you aren’t vague and keep your request simple.

The Shem Angels have been worked with to constrain Demons before, I believe that’s what Shinri meant. Also the book The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer just came out, and it works with Angels and Demons together in quite a unique way I’ve never heard of from another book.

Gordon Winterfield’s book Demons of Magick also has Angels involved in the rituals, but it’s to provide guidance and wisdom to the Demons that Demons don’t normally have access to, whereas Angels do. Not really binding the Demons at all.

I also have Mystical Words of Power along with all of his Words of Power books. Haven’t tried it yet.


Almost the same powers like any other Angel. Except that they’re attached to you personally so most of their actions would be guidance and motivation/self-help, they can also help you to connect to other Angels or the divine.

First part of the book is ok, a good idea actually. Unfortunately, the majority of the book - the second part of it - is exactly the same things you’ll find in all Damon Brand’s books. A list of Angels, powers and sigils. Not planning to try it so I won’t be able to share any results from it.

El and YAH are names of the same God. EL means absolute power and YAH means the creative force. They can and they are used in the names of Angels. No difference. But it’s believed that EL is more powerful/sacred as a divine name, than YAH. So you can call “Vehuel” or “Vehuiah”… you’ll get a response from the same Angel, hopefully :slight_smile:

EL and YAH are also used in the names of Demons because both Angels and Demons are powers/spirits of the same God. According to Judaism, not what many people believe these days.

The difference in powers mentioned in their books for the same Angels is because those powers are from different sources.


Thanks for the insights @Mika!

I tried calling one of the angels (don’t remember which), and it was for getting insights about a certain thing. But I’m not sure whether I actually got results, because I still have no idea how to distinguish my mind’s own chatters from angelic messages :slight_smile:

Do you mind sharing which angels you called from Ben’s book, for which purposes, and how you obtained the results? I’m impressed because you said you got fast results in under 24 hours…I’m fascinated by stories like that :wink:

Thanks @PrinceX! What were the most spectacular results did you get from the angels? And from which angels?

What other practical angel magick books do you like beside GoM’s?

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Hi @tamatoa thank you so much :slight_smile:

I get best results from Archangel Michael and Metatron. When it comes to Angels, I prefer to only work with them for anything.

About a year ago. I was completely broke. I never had a job in my life so it’s difficult to recover from such a financial fall that I had at that time. I contacted Metatron for help. In less than a week. An old business partner contacted me out of the blue - didn’t hear from him for more than 5 years - and I was back in business within days. That business provided me with almost instant money to live very comfortably, almost like nothing happened. About a month later, started another business, and I’m making profit from it to this day, more than I ever made from any other business my whole life.

I didn’t use a ritual, no candles or petitions or offerings or anything. I was in my living room late at night, alone with his sigil, called his name until he was present, told him what I wanted, and that was it. I only had my audio recorder and the spirit box just in case I needed to verify his answer, didn’t use them.

My most successful work is done without any ceremonial rituals. I only use tools for communication, a medium from the 4 elements to help spirits speak or manifest.

I only use the new “practical magick” books from GoM and similar publishers for sigils, and in some rare cases, for other material. For example, I find the ritual “circle of power” mentioned in “Archangels of Magick” very helpful. Another book is called “Angelic sigils, keys and calls” with lots of useful sigils.

I don’t use the main rituals in those books to petition spirits or ask them for what I want. My approach is more like the one you’ll find in Corwin Hargrove’s books. Very practical and realistic in my opinion. And can be used with any kind of spiritual work, not only with the spirits mentioned in his books.


Hi @PrinceX

Interesting stories! I didn’t know Metatron can help with finances…is that actually one of his strong faculties? Or can he help with literally anything? (If yes, that’s more or less like the shem angel Poiel no?)

When Metatron was present in your living room, did you visually see him? And did he speak to you audibly or telepathically?

Btw, how has Michael helped you?

Circle of Power: I assume you use the basic calling to replace LBRP and the advanced calling to gain insights?

Do you like working with the 72 Shem angels? And have you ever got help from any of them?

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Hi @tamatoa ,

Metatron can help with anything, he’s good at solving problems fast and considers all different angles. He doesn’t deliver what you asked for just to get the job done. He’s a perfectionist.

I’m not sure if he’s like the shem angel Poiel, I didn’t work with Poiel before.

Metatron didn’t speak that night, I only sensed his presence. Was like a feeling of soft electric shock in the body, and a very heavy atmosphere in the room. Didn’t see a physical manifestation. Archangel Michael also helps with anything but he’s better for fast solutions. He get things done as fast as possible.

Arch. Michael helps me bring the white light for earth bound spirits to crossover. He also helps when there’s a present threat or danger of any kind. Spiritual or physical. And all different needs and situations that require fast immediate action. He’s not a problem solver like Metatron.

Few months ago I asked Arch. Michael to get rid of annoying people in my building. I just wanted a quiet night. But in few minutes, the whole area where I live - not only my building - was like a cemetery in the middle of nowhere. The building remained dead quiet for a week. Just an example that I remembered now because I thought it was funny. That’s how he works basically!

Yes the circle of power is the ritual used by GoM instead of LBRP. It’s for general protection and spiritual strength/insights, great for working with Angels and Demons.

I tried to work with the 72 shem angels but unfortunately the results were ok but slow. The same with most of the 72 demons. I work mainly with high-ranked spirits from both sides, I get best results from them.


Hi @PrinceX

Interesting how you mentioned that Metatron is a perfectionist. Ben’s angel book says that Metatron does in fact help those who strive for perfection! :slight_smile:

So when you make a request to Metatron (or any other angels), do you say it out loud? Or just say it in your mind?

How do you distinguish angelic insights from your mind’s chatters?

You know how some people ask for money, and then they end up getting into a (car) accident, and get insurance money? That’s not a very pleasant thing. When making requests to Metatron, do you explicitly add “and please ensure nobody is harmed” to make sure you get your wishes granted in positive/pleasant manners?

Since Metatron’s power are quite broad, would you say that he can help with health-related matters as good as Raphael?


Hi @tamatoa

Very interesting thanks for mentioning that, I will check Ben’s book, sounds accurate to me :slight_smile:

Sometimes I say the request out loud, other times in my mind. As far as I know, it’s the same for them. When they speak to my mind directly, I can sense their presence in their words. I can feel them saying/vibrating the words. The same if it’s a vision… it has special depth and clarity in it. And runs like a lightening strike. Nothing like daydreaming or visualization.

And they usually show their presence with physical action. Like knocking, or sounds in the room, moving something etc So from the start I know they’re there. After that we can start communicating.

For financial requests I don’t ask for “harm non” condition, because I don’t assume or expect that they will harm anyone to get it. The money must come from somewhere, that is true. But I believe it’s extremely rare that spirits harm someone for it. Unless the request is very specific to harm someone, or can’t be done in any other way possible, or the spirit itself enjoys harming people. Those spirits are easy to recognize and you would know that’s the way they do things, so you would expect it from them.

I think magick should not be limited by any conditions. Once a condition is there, you end up with very low chance of success. Magick takes the path of least resistance, whatever that path is.To add a condition, is to add resistance from the start. It’s like hitting breaks and gas at the same time. A better way is to think and craft the intention carefully, then be more specific. That’s better than adding a condition, like “harm non”. For example, it’s better to do magick to bring money by requesting a new job, than making a general request like “bring me money, but harm non”. The job request is more specific and may take more time to manifest, but the chance of success is much higher than the second general request, which should be the easier request but the condition of “harm none” made it less likely to happen.

Actually Raphael is great at what he does, but he’s is very very lazy! lol I wouldn’t ask him for anything unless it can’t be done by anyone else. He needs a lot of energy to make him move. At least that’s my experience with him. For healing I completely agree that Metatron would make real miracles happen. Because healing demonstrates the way he works perfectly. From the root of the issue upwards until everything is perfectly fixed. Like nothing wrong ever existed.


EL is same as Allah in Islam it is a same God from chiristian , muslims and jewish , Quran says alot abt bible and abt jesus in holy book Moses, adam n eve , Noah, joseph all same stories in Quran but in more depth n details so i beleive its same God El as Allah mentined in bilble, muslims also call Allah as Elah or Elahi as thes are same different names of Allah.

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Hi @candlemagick

I think this is wrong. Each region had its own deity, traditions and methodology. Saying that Allah and YHVH the “Father” of Jesus are one and the same is, in my opinion, a mistake. Here is why :

EL is the name of supreme god of the ancient Canaanite religion. Also called “The Father” of all Gods, because he had many sons and daughters.

The God EL is the God of Judaism and Christianity. (( He is “The Father” God of Jesus, BECAUSE he is YHVH. )) Which means the creator. YHVH ELOHIM means the creator of ELOHIM. Remember EL had many sons and daughters so he is called the creator of those ELOHIM Gods. That’s what makes him special or superior.

This is very important point to keep in mind. The reason why EL is the supreme God and the reason why he is called THE FATHER. Is because - like any father - he creates more of his kind. More Gods and Goddesses. ( And for that, naturally, he had a wife. Many actually ) Google “Yahweh and his Asherah”.

This concept or idea ( The supreme God who creates Gods ) doesn’t exist in Islam. But the opposite. Allah is never called “The father”. And he doesn’t create Gods and Goddesses. He is the ONE AND ONLY GOD. Who creates everything in existence.

But in Islam you still going to find the word EL, the name of the Canaanite God in the names of Angels. For example, MICHA-EL. Which is a very strange thing since EL is never used anywhere in the Quran. The names of the Angels are simply copied from Judaism and Christianity And because Judaism and Chrstianity are religions of the Canaanite God EL, you will find his name everywhere with all his titles in the bible. That doesn’t exist in Islam and can not be found in the Quran. El is never mentioned, the father God is never mentioned, YHVH ELOHIM the creator of Gods is nowhere Islam… but the ones who created that religion had no idea how the names of Angels are formed. So they just copied them because they needed Angels to exist as part of the methodology of Allah. Because Mohamed introduced himself as a messenger of the same God of Israel. Which can not be true.

The word Allah can be found in Arabian manuscripts predated Islam and used by Arabian Christians to describe God. Because it was the most common name for the most high deity. Mohamed’s father was called Abdu-Allah meaning, the slave of Allah. For Christians it’s exactly like saying “God” in English language today to describe The father of Jesus, they didn’t mean a specific deity who was worshiped by Arabs. But Arabian Jews never used that name.

Some people argue that EL and AL are the same. Therefore, ELAH is the same as ALAH or ALLAH. Possible, but even if that is true. The two deities are different in everything. The Canaanite God EL is not the Arabian God Allah.

All religions had a concept of a supreme God. The invisible one, the father of all Gods. In Ancient Canaan, Babylon, Egypt and almost everywhere in the middle east and all around the whole word. ( the Greek God Zeus for example ) So it’s not a surprise to see that concept in ancient Arabia. That doesn’t mean they are all one and the same deity. Maybe they are one and the same Archetype, the same concept or idea of an invisible supreme God. But each version of that Archetype is not the same.


Apologies for coming into the conversation, but can Metatron grant any request within reason, even ones that seem a little silly?

*Granting… You will surely get a response but might not be the positive answer that you are looking for but will be answer.

Just be sincere, not is silly.

So give it a try!

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Yes but your success - in my opinion - also depends on how you ask, not only who you’re asking. When I request something I don’t just say it. I use different spellcasting techniques to ask for it. For example, visualization, emotional concentration, symbols etc

If you just ask, verbally… that could work. But better if you give it form. A petition paper and a symbol to meditate on, for example, at least.

For a symbol you can use a sigil of desire, a candle, jar, voodoo dolls etc, whatever feels best for you with the available material you have.

Spirits are creators, they receive the energy you release and use it to manifest your desire. If you give them nothing, except telling them what you want. You would have 50-50 chance of success. The more elements you add to your request, the more energy you give to the spirit to work with. The better chances of success you would have.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a silly request or not. They don’t judge and they don’t care :slight_smile:


I have been trying to edit this post just to add 4 alphabets… I soon get to understand the system.

Well this is it:
“Just be sincere, nothing is silly!”

@PrinceX, can you recommend a good book on emotional concentration?

Also, don’t you think that magick is very similar, if not identical to the law of attraction? In both magick and the law of attraction, we are always told to feel as if the results we want have already been manifested. Surely there must be a connection between the two?

In fact, in Rose Manning’s book “The Angels of The Law of Attraction”, she said that she had a near death experience in which the archangels told her that the law of attraction is possible because of the angels. She was told by the angels that whenever people do the law of attraction, it attracts the angels’ attention, who in turn grant those people’s requests. Interesting…!


The Law of Attraction is watered down magick, because it’s based on the Kybalion, which is the basis for Hermetics.

However, it has nothing to do with angels. That smacks of trying to make the LOA palatible to Christians.