Holy Guardian Angel working

So, I have been trying out some simplified versions of Crowley’s Bornless ritual but so far I am failing to enflame myself in the prayer. I have tried other Rituals from Crowley like invocation of the higher genius which worked a lot better than bornless ritual. So after looking through Magick in theory and practice I came across LIBER ASTARTE which talks about attaining shamdhi with a particular deity. I’m planning to employ some of it in my HGA workings. In particular using an idol to meditate on.

The problem is I haven’t had any visions of my HGA yet so I am thinking about using a picture of an angel of independence (Angel of Independence - Wikipedia) just because I seem to like it.

So this might be stupid but I’m thinking about using a photo editor to turn it into a sketch and print it and write some Divine names from Crowley’s 777 from table 1 line 6 Tiphareth and the astrological symbol of the sun.

Will this be a good idea?

Thank you for reading :pray: