Holy Days of Thelma

The Tower. 3-5-2022

The Moons nodes where squared with Venus, Mercury and the Devil yesterday. Algol/ In the Per​:nazar_amulet:Us constellation, Medusa is coming into view for the New Moon eclipse in accordance with the end of Ramadan. Today Venus is in Pieces/Neptune which is an intiation within its self. Babylon is Rising and the Gates are opening as tomorrow is the Emperor, then the Chariot… The first 7 key principles must be mastered in the Fulcrum first, before anyone receives the 8th :key: from the energetics…Gold the Highest. I highly recommend Michael Ford’s new book along with the Kybalion, the 7 keys/laws must be mastered first in the Kybalion, then the 8th Key will be given. Master the mind and everything is freely given through inspiration, creativity and Joy. The higher your frequency is, in the fulcrum the more gifts you receive. Immortality.

Personal Experience…
Much Love and Peace.