I have two best friends of mine who are battling with aids boy and girl for so long I have been in friendship with them. They don’t know even whether I practice magick haven’t told anyone of one of them.

Please how can I help my friends and cure them from aids, because I heard someone should know how to evoke properly for healing process, because simple spells or rituals can’t work on healing. So I don’t know. Please I need your tips and ideas on how can I do it.


Well, HIV is an infection. In Goetia Pathworking one of Marbas’ powers is “to cure an infectious disease”, and he has a fame as someone whos is able to perform miracles. So I would go with him.

A basic trance should be enough to make the visionary magick in Goetia Pathworking work.

Best wishes.


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Have them dry fast for around 3 full days. Meaning no intake of water, or any food/liquid. I’ve seen dry fasting destroy things like cancer, horrible skin issues, and have heard that it can actually permanentally cure and get rid of a number of STDs including HIV/aids. Also look up Dr Joe Dispenza and use his methods for healing, combined with (dry)fasting you can basically cure anything.

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Dry fasting can lead to deyhdration. I would be VERY careful with that and consult a licensed nutritionist or a doctor. Look into it first and be aware of the risks instead of just trying it based on recommendations.


If you are very skinny, then yes. If you have a decent surplus of bodyfat you have little to no risk of dehydration for such a short dry fast (2-3 days is very doable, studies have been done that 5 days is still completely healthy, but I wouldn’t go longer than that). Ever heard the saying “the human body is 70%^water”? Your fat is water for a large amount, meaning that when you break down fat you will actually be hydrating yourself. I’ve done many dryfasts and continued to pee while doing so, as your own body is producing its own water.

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That’s great if it worked for you, but I’d still advise caution, because the risks are undeniable no matter how well it may have worked in individual cases. I’m not discrediting your success, but you can’t assume it would work for someone else just because you’ve had good results. It’s well worth looking into, just be careful is all I’m saying to OP.


I have at home Sergej Filonov’s book on dry fasting, the most documented book on the subject. The author explains how fasting can ONLY follow those who have already corrected their diet and therefore have gone through periods of water fasting. Ignoring these tips means exposing people’s health to serious risks!


lux thanks so much for your tips, I need my friends to be cured from this aids, so I should use their photos in the ritual

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Well, there is some research being done for a potential cure for HIV using stem cells from donors who have a mutation on their T-cells that make the, resistant to the virus. It might be worth taking a look into it and passing it on to your friends and/or their families.

As far as magic goes in regards to this route, you could work with Marbas to help get into a program/study that is doing this while also working with Mammon to help provide the funds.


Wilson first PM me on privacy

Of course

Probably won’t be that easy , if you could cure that you’d be a billionaire , you probably could help them make better lifestyle and habit choices however

Eir is the Norse Goddess of healing, Airmid is a Celtic healing Goddess and Archangel Raphael can help immensely. Sekhmet, Shiva, Thor and Apollo can all help too.

Actually Archangel Raphael helped me save a kid from brain damage. So I’d recommend him.

Thanks so much for your tips I love you all

So sorry for your friends! Luckily enough the treatments are excellent so that they can have happy lives and live very long. What is with vegan Lifestyle, Yoga and Tantra. Mens sana in corpore sano

First, make sure they are on Pep, they will know what it is, and there are programs to help pay for it. It can, and often does, reduce viral load to undetectable levels.

Second, Raphael is an AMAZING healer, combined with modern medicine, I am not afraid to say that your friends could possibly be cured, and, if not, can lead a normal, healthy life.


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