Hint of smoke smell when trying psychic vampirism?

Hi BALG community! Quick question, wanted to see if you had experienced something similar.

Following the guidance of a thread I read on this forum on psychic vampirism, last night I imagined my spirit travelling to the house of a guy I like, and biting his neck to create a connection before sending the programming thought that he’d want to be with me, through his third eye chakra. Prior to this, I had opened Sorros’ sigil.

While I was doing the biting / programming act, I caught a definite hint of smoke scent through my nose. It couldn’t have been anything around me in the physical realm; do you know what it might signify and have you had any similar experience?

Thanks a lot!

What thread was this instructing you to bite necks?

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I’ve never bitten anyone when siphoning energy from them, in astral or not. Usually, i manipulate my own energy and condense it into a sharp rod to pierce an individual’s defenses and siphon the energy from a specific area that i can bring out, running it through a filter i create, and absorb personally. For programming, i would likely return some of my energy with the thought i want to imprint, similiar to what you described.

As far as the smoke scent, I have came across that as well a few times, as well as the smell of rot. Usually, it is a sign of some less desirable aspects to the energy you were absorbing, which is why it is important to filter it before taking it in. People can carry some nasty things that can get taken in if you are not careful

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Thank you - really appreciate the pointer! Didn’t think about the dangers of absorbing other people’s negativity; the filter is a great idea.