Hinduism and Krishna

I will be glad if I’m helped with the difference between Hinduism and Krishna Consciousness, I get confused about them

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The Iskon Krishna is a thoughtform from my experience. Even the actual Krishna told me this. So be careful with which one you get. The real Krishna is a very chilled deity. He embodies the lover archetype and to a lesser extent, the Hunter archetype.

Krishna consciousness at least the Iskon current, is just a Hindu version of Christ consciousness in my experience.


As a practicing Hindu, let me tell you – The Iskcon guys have turned Hinduism into a cheap copy of Christianity.

A friend of mine had forcibly taken me to one of their temples, ended up debating the priest there. He staunchly opposed Tantra which I practice .


hinduism is just the popular name given to the Sanatan darhma and the vedas

Krishna consciousness is Christ consciousness, a state of superconsciousness


Wow I’m really in love with the knowledge you’ve all shared with me today. I’ve got Ann understanding of the difference.
Hinduism is very practical but Krishna consciousness seem like Christianity to me but worship the same gods and goddesses. I think I better choose Hinduism over Iskon because I’m a practical person. Thank you all for your knowledge shared. If there’s anything more to share I will be glad to know since I’m new to Hinduism

The less restricted you are - the more integrated you are, and the better off you are.

Krsna Consciousness is a sub-current under the broad umbrella that has been named “Hinduism” - or as @MagickVigilante mentioned, Sanatana Dharma.

Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism is actually SO huge, that I’d forget all the sub-currents under it.

For your clarification :
Hinduism/Sanatan Dharma (is the superset of) - > Vaishnavism (which deals with Vishnu, of whom Krsna is the 8th avatar - and in turn in the superset of) → Krsna Consciousness.

Apart from Vaishnavism, Hinduism also has other sub-currents that include Shakti-ism, Shaivism, and even more specialised aspects of Tantra (which again has its own subcurrents - the Aghori subcurrent being one of them)

I suggest you explore Hinduism as a whole - and when you organically feel an affinity to a specific subcurrent within it, explore that path deeper.

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