Hindu mantras?

I practice Hindu mantras every day usually by sitting down and concentrating on the image of the deity as i chant them. I do one mantra (om namah shivaya) about 1500 times a day (for the past 2 weeks)

is this considered white magic? How and where do these hindu mantras fit into occult? does doing these mantras interfere with summoning and making pacts or can i still do it?


You can still do it.

I’d let go of the white magick black magick notion. Magick is still magick.


Exactly :slight_smile:


This I believe is calling on Shiva.

What does it do…i mean, what do U get from that?

Everything isn’t magic! As you have said it. Hindu Mantras. The use of the mantra for good or bad maybe defined as white or black.

But these below even explained something better:

That depends on you. Monks used to say they don’t learn fighting to cause violence; when asked why they learn the art. While some people learn to fight to wrought violence.

They are all good, none is an enemy of the other.


Thats mantra to summon shiva
1500 108000 etc its just human teaching/interpretation
You can say 100 108 1500 12000 etc its up to you as long as you can really invoke shiva presence

There is no white or black! Its just Magick
There are 3 main shiva mantra

1 shiva moola mantra to invoke peace
Om namah shivaya
2 shiva moola mantra to invoke his aspect rudra storm god or destroyer god
Om namo bhagavate rudrayaa
3 shiva mantra to give you full manifestation of shiva as creator protector and destroyer
Tryambakam mantra

Om tryambakam yajamahe
Sugandhim pushtivardanam
Urvarukamiva bandhanan
Mrityur mukshiya mamritat om


Hindu mantras are very powerful and often used in Satanism and black magick (as well as white magick and yoga).

For example:

Money Meditation


SHREEM MAH-HAH LAHK-SHMEE -YAYEEE SWAH-HAH After you complete the 108 repetitions, visualize plenty of money coming to you while affirming: “I am attracting large amounts of money to myself. This money is my own to keep and to spend as I choose.” Repeat the affirmation with the visualization at least 3 times. Each 40 days is a working. In severe cases, the 40 days working may have to be repeated several times to reprogram the soul and to engrave the words of power into the soul to attract money consistently.


To get the most out of vedic or hindu mantras you are gonna wanna get an astrlogy reading from someone who is versed in mantra as there are deities, seed sounds and ritual elements associated with all the planets and signs. Doing it this way will result in a mantra attuned specifically to your energies for various things.

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All Hindu mantras work great if you chant it 108 times or its multiplicative number.

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It is one of the most basic mantra and chanting it 1500 times won’t give you any extraordinary result. According to the science of mantra , more the mantra is known to masses, less powerful it becomes. ( Mantra science falls into occult practices just like tantra, so secrecy is a big deal ) And that mantra of Shiva is known to 1 Billion Hindus. It’s that basic. It will be slightly more powerful than just chanting his name for 1500 times everyday.

Also to get real benefit of mantras you need to do some preliminary rituals to ‘Unlock’ the mantra’s potency and align it’s energy to your own energy body. Other wise it won’t do much!


What about stotrams ?

Stotrams don’t need to be unlocked or energetically aligned. Just listening to it on youtube will give you the benefit of reciting it. Every stotrams have towards the end of it have it’s application and benefits.


Thanks for the answer


Wouldn’t you still need to do some visualization?

I Feel that frequencies or Vibrations are what is being created/strengthened by affirmations or mantras, thinking about everything as a giant experiment that is, including that the universe itself has harmonics like harmonics of creation I would put it. What I do with Mantra’s is best described as directing my frequency or sound energies in a particular subject/field of focus or even self-discovered patterns that are familiar to me in a targeted fashion. These thoughts/Focus points themselves are usually the mantra, or for starters, you can look up the Harmonic Chart to the universe just to grasp the concept of what I’m describing. Focus and intention are everything here, this is a process of creation at its finest, this is a co-creator concept to me. best example Om is pretty universal, or Amun the Sun as in Christianity Amen or Amun Ra the Sun. Any dialect or variant of this practice all have the same concept, just sound them out like in music class. The birth of a star is the best thing I can describe this ability as, its a super ancient knowledge eternal in nature, we are clueless to its actual power because that kind of stuff is not accepted or known inside the realm of belief because that itself was put in place by a 3rd party influence who let’s say against us using knowledge because they are scare of us.

This is partially due to we have some god-like DNA, seriously our genetics are weapon level variety, and to describe it best “us know what skills we have made 3rd parties scared and/or jealous” of their creation, and I think to tremble in fear of what we evolved into under the oppression of negative agendas, I feel this has been occurring in a loop fashion since our beginning they have limited the potential of humans. Off-topic sorry, but yea HARMONIC RESONANCE is what im getting at, its a variety of practices all designed/created by a soul to lead us back to the original knowledge we are directed away from, communication among us as humans, and the fact our purpose is to create other creations so those can create. We aren’t here to limit anything, nor anyone’s creative abilities, we are supposed to learn/teach or reproduce depending on your soul, and the genetic mutations caused by our creation were managed, its the keeping us in the dark, the negative intentions behind it all that will be their eternal damnation, its only scary monsters to us behind the holographic masterpieces they created in attempt to control this kind of thought, this kind of practice, anything is possible, limits are a form of putting you in your place, and these weak-minded entities must have some kind of ignorant outdated version of a consciousness or not have one at all.

We should have daily mantras, regular personal encouragement (Our Soul and Human Ego are 2 TOTALLY different things) or frequencies are a language and can provide past, present, and future in detail, via the Records, but yea Mantra are a great place to start the discovery of what you really are. The soul is what the ego protects on earth, the ego can also be used negatively just the same, it needs reassurance that what is being learned is within the realm of possibility which EVERYTHING is relevant, anything is possible. I bet its impossible for us to sleep much longer, the light and the dark are one in balance, cant has all of one or the other. The imbalance is where the faults lie, the good and the bad have to battle, its not always a win for the light, but there are things always set to balance. Light and Dark are just the sun and moon, the good and bad are just for comic books, the intention and meaning behind our energy or actions result in our reality currently. If you are a seeded creature don’t be afraid to acknowledge that part of you, its important to who you are in the soul department, earth carnations are basically a loop, first way to break the cycle understand what a loop is, then break it. If you cant be convinced or influenced by outside sources, you will see what is impossible and not, everything molecular will be visible to you and knowing what your abilities consist of will help you swiftly handle any confusion or lesser energy conflicts.

Light and Dark must exist together, the good guys don’t always win, nor would this stem growth or evolution, but there is no almighty creator and no almighty darkness (LIES Black Holes and Dark Matter) but they are nothing that control or limit creation in any way, they are serving a purpose as does all creations, don’t let some star tell you a blackhole that your not a drinking of space, that cant devour a star, devour that just to prove you point. Anyhow this is my thoughts on how important it is to reassure yourself, the universe, and those around you with mantras or really just singing/humming thoughts. Your only manifesting them like the wizard you are, and then with practice and friends bringing those into creation as is the purpose of existence. Magic exists to describe what is happening to others who don’t believe, its EVERYTHING that science cannot prove, its a feeling, but its there, be prepared when our creator returns. You can have a direct impact on all timelines once you realize that it all simultaneous, good luck, hope this has a resonating effect on whomever it was meant to reach.

I want to have a discussion on harmonic resonance btw, anyone knows about this knowledge?
Manipulating your genetics to heal, and weed out imperfections specifically.

Thoughts from the Mothership,

DezRa Elion