Hindu Gods

A few months ago, I had spoken against them only to realize that it was my ego and need to be different that caused this. Now I’ve realized that Magick, Demons and Angels are not for me and guess what? The Hindu Pantheon welcomed me back with Open arms❤️

I’ve made my mistakes and want to openly apologize to them publicly for all the rude things I’ve ever said or did. They’ve forgiven me and I’m going home again.

Now for those who want to work with them, go for it!! I’ve been afraid lately and have been saying one of the hymns of Shiva and feel better.

They don’t mind mixing pantheons provided you are respectful. They forgive and when they do you will know. However they have punished people before and sometimes it’s not good.

Shiva does not judge you or your path, if one enters with a good heart, he will teach you. The Goddess Kali isn’t evil or even very Dark, she is motherly and she is kind. If you’re her child, you are protected.

Ganesha will help you to remove all obstacles from your path. His name is generally taken first before all rituals.

This post is Semi Personal and I felt the need to get it out there. I’m now a Born again Hindu with no interest in changing again and with no interest in working with deities outside of my path.

For those who enjoy working with various pantheons, be sure to check out the Hindu pantheon! It’s fairly open minded.

Fun fact : you all know the image of the Goddess Kali holding a Sword and severed head? It actually symbolizes defeating the Ego.


“Home” is a good feeling, isn’t it? :smiley:


It really is! All this time I was seeking another path just to be different or “cool” but this is were my Heart truly belongs.

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I have never worked with any Hindu deities but have felt drawn to them before. I have statues of Ganesha, Lakshmi and Durga. At the time I wasn’t aware you could connect with deities or spirits through invocation or evocation. I may work with them in the future.

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Very nice Twilight!
I have worked with Kali and it has been wonderful. A bit scary? Sure, but that is because we are eliminating the things we don’t need in our life. And that can be pretty scary for anyone.


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She’s saved me on numerous occasions!!

You should see the people who get her trance. It can be rather intense.

If you have her on your side, you’re safe from lesser Spirits. I don’t know how powerful she ranks among all Spirits but in the Hindu pantheon, she’s on par with Shiva.

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I hear ya. This is a very powerful entity and when you start working with Her you will see intense things happening around you. Definitely not for dabblers or armchair magickians. What has amazed me the most is Her generosity and compassion. If you are in dire need She will help you out. I feel that what She wants to see is respect and devotion.


Yes I never invoke or evoke her, I pray to her because that’s the way I honor her. Her energy is extremely powerful, she won’t hurt you or make you go mad but she will let you know if you need to sort yourself out.

If you like, I can inbox you a method used in one of the Temples here to rid one of negativity working with her. Just don’t try it out on yourself or anyone. It’s INTENSE.

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I find Hindu Gods interesting and inspiring. There is also a correspondence to the Qliphot. Lakshmi - Nahemoth 10, Ganesha - Gamaliel 9, Hanuman - Samael Qliphot 8…

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And Shiva would correspond to the same Qlipha as Lucifer I believe. I think that Demons and Gods are the same aspects of the same deity, you pick which aspect you connect deeper too.

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I love my girl Lakshmi, she is so sweet… she revealed herself to me a couple of month’s ago.


Hindu pantheon is too complex to work with and with gazillion gods, deities, and myths, one would not know how one is doing. That is why, there is a great emphasis of a guru in Indian thought. The rituals are too complex and ludicrous.

I wish I was born as a Catholic instead of a hindu, so that I would have hated god from a young age and would have got onto LHP quickly.


Yes it is. I myself enjoy it, the Rituals are indeed complicated but they’re fun non the less.

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Good for you but being a very old civilization with its old gods and goddesses, they aren’t easy to be called up on and you have to give more than what you get back.

The old gods of desert land are much better and they respond quickly. It shows they are eager to help for whatever motives they have unlikes hindu gods.

There is. ritual which is done for days by great priests follwing vedic procedues for the peace of entire universe not just eath, even after that we are surrounded by sick human species destroying one another and the planet.

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I’m not too sure if Father Shiva is an aspect of King Lucifer or King Lucifer is an aspect of Lord Shiva. Nonetheless, I have asked Mother Kali and She did not say yes and She did not say no either. She just gave me a few assignments to perform in order for her to initiate me into Vamachara the left hand path of Sanatana Dharma. I did not press the subject further; because when Mother Kali says something I do not question Her. Once again I bow down to Her will.

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In Sanatana Dharma we have rituals galore. However, rituals for us are puja(s) and homam, to put it succinctly. When it comes to puja we have a 3, 5, 16, 64, and 108 offerings puja. Homam is a fire sacrifice where we invoked Lord Agni and the Deity being worshipped. Lord Agni job in that fire sacrifice (homam) is to carry our offerings (Drops of Clarified butter or Havan Samagri) to the Deity being Worshipped.

For the 3 offerings puja the offerings are:

  1. Flowers (Pushpam), 2) Water (Jalam), and 3) Insence (Dupam).

For the 5 offering puja the offerings are:

  1. Sandal paste (Ghanda), 2) Flowers (Pushpa), 3) Incense (Dupam), 4) Clarified butter (Ghee) lamp (Deepa), 5) Food to eat (Naivedyam).

P.S.: never offer any offering to a Sanatana Dharma Deity with your left hand, always use your right hand. When waiving the Ghee lamp and or incense or camphor, please do so in a clock wise fashion. After waiving light, incense or camphor in is obligatory to offer the deity some water to drink. It is also required to offer water to the deity after the food offering. Let me know if you or anyone in this forum want to know more about puja and how to perform it.

Aum Krim Kalikayai Namah

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Goddess Kali is Shakti (Power) without Her Lord Shiva is just a corpse.

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