Hii Im really really new to magick

Hey there! My name is Tee. I discovered this site last night while trying to research on how to give an offering to my spirit guides. I then started to find some topics around this site (demons, lucifer, etc) very interesting. Im a very spiritual person but Ive never tried magick before. I would like to learn, though as im very interested.

Please share some of your knowledge :heart:


You may follow a cerimonial, meditative (direct/mental magick) or “hybrid” path.
Study astrology and palmistry, or get Tarot/runes/an obsidian mirror. Besides divination, the astrology option (but also the last 3) will reveal useful in other practices. Exercise to empty your mind: push away a thought, then another one etc., ignore them or observe the mental flow.
Read the Heptameron or the Lemegeton’s Goetia, choose respectively an Angel or a Demon, look at the sigil and call the entity. Meanwhile you’ll have prepared some questions on paper or a text file; when you feel to be in trance (not sleepy, yet in an altered consciousness state) and connected to the Spirit, read the first question and immediately write what comes in your head, then advance to 2nd question…


Welcome to the forum.

We have many great beginner resources.

Check this thread out for some of them:

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Thank you so much for this. I’ll try this out tonight

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Hello, do you have an email to contact you? Because i saw that you are grateful to offer free readings, thanks

Welcome to the forum. Here is my thread you might find useful.