Higher Self πŸ˜‡

How to make contact and communicate with our higher self for guidance?

I use shamanic journeying.

There are also guided meditations available on YouTube.


This is one of the more ancient forms to reach your higher self. So, I second this method!

I am learning from a Navajo friend of mine on how to do this.

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There is a recently released book from Gallery of Magick (actually its the last Gallery of Magick book) called Magickal Destiny: Experience The Power of Your Holy Guardian Angel…where Damon Brand gives a much more modernized/simplified way of getting in contact with your HGA…which is just another name for Higher Self. I’d consider it


Whaaaaaaaat :frowning: what do you mean? They’ve decided to stop publishing? I hate my life

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Yeah from what I’m hearing, it’ll be the last book in the series

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I use Qliphot Travel to Qlipha Thagirion.

Awesome, thank you for the info

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