Hiding my left hand path in a christian household. Help with evoking Lucifer

Hello everyone. I am a fairly new menber in my early 40s and having to live with family until early spring. Im close to 6 months into my left hand path. Ive had some success in some areas and have felt Lucifers energy which was amazing. I have been learning all i possibly can about Lucifer ever since and somewhat before hand and have felt i should seek him over all other choices,my first choice being Bune,but once i started absorbing all the knowledge i could get ahold of i was drawn to SATAN, then Lucifer. However im having to hide my practice. I cant have an alter or candles,very few tools of the trade. My attempts to evoke Lucifer havnt been successful so my request is if someone is currently working with Lucifer could/would anyone be willing to speak on my behalf. Id like to know what i can do to parlay with him. Id just like to know he hears my prayers to him


You could try mediating with Lucifer’s name in hebrew written on a piece of paper. If found and someone asks, you could say it is how the word God or some other virtue is written in Hebrew and you are spending some alone time think about life. Granted the Hebrew word actually translates to a fallen king, but it may work for you regardless


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Lucifer is absolutely wonderful, he’s the one that drew me to this path, though I don’t work with him much anymore. I think you should quiet your mind and focus on what you want, one thing at a time. Don’t doubt yourself and he’ll come when the time’s right


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You can build an astral temple, no one actually needs physical things to aid them in their magick, all happens between the two worlds anyway.


Havent seen this suggested. But try invoking. Then you don’t have to worry about being found out. Internal dialogue is impossible to detect unless you live in a house full of legit psychics.

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I never use any altars or tools, at least not in the physical realm. As suggested, invoking is a great way to go for it.


i came across a book online the author is also the founder of the Gnostic Star. He developed a process for evoking with his on twist…as well as steps to be taken for begginers. If one thing ive learned on my LHP is there alot of studying and practice ahead of me. Ive decided to stick with it. I just try to get ahead of myself at times. I enjoy all of it. Thanks for your advice