Hidden portals to dimensions in dreams

Before I watched the magicians, I dreamed of travelling to diffrent dimensions. Most of the portals were in trees or in wooden furniture. In one of my dream I was running away from something and I travelled 4 or 5 diffrent dimensions and they were not like something from a movie.

What does it mean?


Dream walking. Read a book by… Megan? Something ( sorry don’t have it since my move out of state, came from amazon though ) about dream walking. Basically besides being a way to enter someone else’s dream or pull them into yours, dream walking can allow you access to the astral/ other realms if you know how to make it happen. I guess by chance/ accident is not impossible either. Pretty sure I astral traveled one time from a dream when I was maybe eight, so I could see where that’s a possibility. I mean. I’m assuming you’re 100% sure this was not a normal dream and you went somewhere else. If it’s just a weird dream… I’d question what in your life has you running so hard that you need to go out of this world to escape it. Or why you feel you can’t escape it even.


Yes, it was definitely real. I know the other dreams feel diffrent. I have a lot of dreams were I’m in diffrent places with diffrent ppl and waking up and still tired. I did not read that book, I will search for it and I hope there is a german version :slight_smile:
There are always some situations that make me wanna fly away :slight_smile:

I’ve had something like this several times where there was some portal in my dream and I ended up in some entirely different place.

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A vision of running from something. You find you can never quite escape or run fast enough. It can represent running away from the truth or a feeling of being trapped in the daily grind of life and wanting to escape.

It might be your subconscious that you’re avoiding an issue or a problem the context is important, which includes identifying the chaser, or what your running from, or the issue or problem that you are running from.


I don’t remember :frowning:

In my dreams I don’t have a portal I just switch from place to place.


Could have been Michelle too. Damned Idr. I’ll try to look later.

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I cant control my dreams. I have read about it but I didn’t practice …

Thank you, I will definitely read the book :heart::pray:t2: