Hidden name of god

I want to know secret name of god YHVH …how I get it

Pray to God, you should read Psalms. You won’t get the name to use if you misuse it for evil.

There are many names of the Lord used to command spirits but keep in mind if you command a spirit to do evil by a divine name that is blasphemy and it will bite you back in the ass. Take it from me.

The Psalms are very powerful and potent, God reigns supreme over all and I have used Psalms for Magick effectively before and continue to do so daily. I’m not trashing LHP it’s just my experience from having explored both sides.

Is there any negative effect if I use pslams and solomon seals with demons If I use L.H.P methods ?

can I know hidden name of god from shemyaza gnosis after usage master key ? @E.A

The magic of Solomon is potent in the hands of one who worships the Lord fully. If you want to recieve said benefits of the knowledge worship God. You can do no wrong but if you are on the LHP. There really isn’t a point to using them because you are acknowledging by using the Pentacles that Jehovah is supreme. LHP is about forcing your own will on this planet and becoming your own God. So it’s counter intuitive to rely on something you are trying to distance yourself from. You want to make a change in your life. Try evoking Angels and Demons to learn. Don’t ask for things, go to learn and evolve. You will get everything you want and more because they can’t bait you with your desires. This is the downfall of many in life.

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Hope this helps you. Good luck.

not correct …POM and GOM books work with atheists and that stuff is based on solomon and RHP

You misunderstand my point but that’s fine.

Ask Lilith she knows the name

simply: can I practice all spiritual paths and systems at the same time? Are there other ways to know God’s hidden name?

!!! how ؟؟؟

You could ask Yahweh’s first wife, Goddess Asherah.


Yahweh likes worship but you may get his secrets if he likes you. I dont know about you but Yahweh has been very reasonable with me.

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Anyone here tried to get in touch with her?

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The Abrahamic God has many names, some angels and demons can only be commanded with the specific name it’s attributed to. There is one name that is very, very powerful.

wich angels …wich demons

The “name” actually refers to the “true identity”, that is ever present (for “God” is Omnipresent and therefore Omniscient and Omnipotent) in all things, known and unknown. It is an ineffable name, one that cannot be uttered: it is the silence that is pure awareness, the no-thing, that is the true nature and basis of all reality.