Hi this is me. Help me, please?

My name is Junior i’m from brazil.

I’m totally new in this world. all my results i got with visualization the things that i wanted.

Where do i start? My goal is understand this and make It happen:

What do i need to do and know to makes this happen? If i did something wrong just Tell me.

Thank :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the BALG forum.

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Hi welcome,

I would change my goal:

  1. Learn meditation, this can be guided from you tube to get into the right state (Theta Gamma)
  2. Learn Sigil gazing:
  1. Learn evocation/invocation (see youtube EA koeting)
  2. Look at ‘My Journal into Magick’ you will find a lot of the learning stuff.

Oh and set your time goal on a year. Yes you will learn to manifest things earlier, but to have a good connection with spirit, it will take time.

If you’re serious you will manage this. If you’re not you will ask somebody else to do it for you. I’ve tried to learn people and many of them learned something. But there where those who just asked me to perform it for them. That is not my goal. My goal is to give people skills to do things themselves. Of course you can always help with divination if somebody did something themselves…….