Hi! Need help please!

I am having a frequent dreams about my mom with a little girl. Sometimes a female baby sucking her breast milk and sometimes a 5-6 yrs old girl always following her… Its been almost a year and I’ve seen such dreams almost 20 times (if I can recall).
The problem is, in our tradition, seeing a baby along with you, following you is considered bad. It’s a symbol of an evil witch trying to harm you or obstruct you in your endeavours.
My mom have told me that she doesn’t feel good now a days and always feels lethargic…
I’m not with my family as I’m in a different state because of my job.
Most of the time, if something is wrong or something wrong is going to happen to my family, I see it in my dreams and always warn my family members.
Just a couple of months ago in my dreams I could remember that an unknown voice told about my father meeting a future accident. I just woke up and it was 4 in the morning and I immediately called my mom and told everything about it. Later that week they called monks to do some protection and longevity rituals by invoking the 21 Taras.
I also asked my dad not to drive for a month so he was going in a sharing cab but still met with an accident but nothing happened(I thank Taras for that, phew). But I don’t want to drag all this now… I just wanted to prove that my dreams doesn’t go in vain…
With that being said, can anyone help me what to do to protect my mom from that bad witch or to deflect everything that the witch throws towards my mom. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and blessings…

Hmm a very interesting cultural omen. Well you could do a spell of protection , of warding, and of banishing for your mom. All you would need is something she gave you and u could use that to sympathetically link the spell to her by binding the spell to the object. That would help short term. A spell of binding the opposing witch would only work if you know who it was, maybe u can send any of your otherworldly contacts out to seek the attacker. Another thing you could do is have your mom do a spell of reversal which could nullify the curse. The attacker would get a nasty backlash of power and they would fall victim to their own curse.

Thanks Awalter666, yes I’m thinking of performing a reversal spell for my mom but not sure whether it’ll succeed because she is not present here with me physically and also my mom will never perform spell castings and rituals herself. She always remains away from such things and moreover she doesn’t know that I’m into magick and sorcery :slight_smile:
Another thing that I’m thinking of trying is to create a tulpa that will go and protect my mom from any harm. I’m just waiting for the full moon to come which is this Friday. Because Yin is strong in full moon which is dark energy! (:

No problem I’m glad to help. I hope everything went well with it.

Yes, everything went well and I’m glad that I did it :slight_smile:
~Thank you

Great my friend message me if u would need some advice again I do not mInd helping those who seek help for themselves.