Hi, Kitty Here :)

Hello my name is Kashta, The Immortal aka Kitty :cat2:

looking forward to adding to the community.

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Hello Kitty :slight_smile:

Hello kitty. Welcome to the community

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Welcome. Please tell us more about yourself, as this does not fit our criteria for a proper introduction. You have told us nothing.


Hello Kitty! Whats some of your favourite things to practice? Who do you worship? What witchcraft religion are you?


I figured I missed something.

My long winded name would be Kashta, The immortal, or you can call me kitty lol. I currently reside in Illinois. I’m Still figuring out my preferred forms of magick. I do know when I call spirts they come. Not sure where I need help and I’m not sure where I could provide help either.

I love drinking distilled water, I love music, I love sitting in dark rooms with all the lights off.

:slight_smile: was this a little bit better?


Thank you :slight_smile:

How long have you practiced?

Black Magick made its self aware to me in 2012 I believe. I’ve only been practicing for a few years how about yourself?

15 years, actively. Dabbled for a few years before that.