Hi, I'm new!

Hey everyone! The time I was introduced to the occult (when I found and focused on info that wasn’t against it) was about a year ago. I want to learn to use black magic to help me become my best self and have an advantage in everyday situations. In my life as a black magician, I want to study and master demonolatry, e(in)vocation, chaos magic, astral travel, shamanism, and maybe more. I like nature and art. I am hoping to meet many cool people on this forum.
Please don’t be toxic, I’m a Pisces and I hold long grudges over little things. Also, it is important that we stay a tight-knit community

A few questions I have as a beginner:

-What do you think is the most popular mistake a beginner black magician/occultist makes?

-What uncommon mistake(s) did you make?

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome to the forum.


Ya welcome @Splug to the forum use the search button on top and study the basic first is my tip ! Don’t cut corners It will bite you hard !

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