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Hello out there!

Lately I’ve been thinking about multiple kind of expontaneous ways to drain energy out of different sources. As a recently awaken psychic vampyre (over a year), I’ve come to notice that music, a few drugs and nature can also be a source of feeding. Someone once wrote that these things are not actually vital energy sources, but I don’t really think there’s a lot of difference between the energy I obtain from the environment/music and the energy I get when I leech people, perhaps only when it comes to intensity.

What do you guys think about it? Does anybody use similar ways to feed?

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The nature in general, seems always recharge me. I don’t know if is in a vamp way, but I definitely feel the energy coming from it to inside me.

I don’t really understand vampyrism, however since the universe is made of energy, why not tap into it directly, humans often vibrate on such a low frequency, how do you find that satisfying.

Plants vibrate very high in frequency. You could be the first vegan vamp LOL


They’re not wrong music isn’t the best or viable source, but the emotions brought up from others when listening to music is viable source. However, my energy system doesn’t lack energy and need to feed but I have experience with a vampyric energy system.


To be fair there’s no difference between “low” and “High” vibrations besides how fast the vibration is going which affects the texture and such of the individual energy, not low is less savory or good than high and since the universe is all around us and is pretty much kind of similar to ambient energy it’s not a viable source either. It would be like trying to feed on air, plants give off ambient energy of the environment they’re in as well. They are better of feeding from a potent single point source(s). The human body naturally absorbs ambient energy and converts it to life energy, vampyric feeding requires a different kind of approach.


Thanks for explaining that I was so curious :slight_smile:

That’s interesting. Many folks claim they crave for energy, but I also do not. Leeching is optional, imo.

Spread discord, wildly polarizing statements.
Wait for the inevitable outrage or hangers on, (depending on what you said).
Reap the energy from emotional response.


haha that’s surely an option, but I’ve never tried it


You have gotten darker. Nice!

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For most it’s optional for the minority it’s not.

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I’m a psychic vampire ( empath) and I practice witchcraft. I draw energy from all kinds of places and things, but I think the energy I get from people is the most satisfying “flavor.” If that makes sense. I do not believe in feeding off innocent, unaware individuals. I have learned that if I go to places where there is a lot of energy being released by a lot of people I can just draw in the energy they are expelling from the air itsself. This does not target or drain anyone, but it’s the exact same as the energy you would draw directly from an individual. The best places for this are places where the group’s are active (dance clubs, sporting events, religious ceremonies). It can be super cool and really intense if you can find another psychic vampire and feed off each other at the same time. You create this energy loop between the two of you. This is an extremely intimate form of energy exchange and can create an energetic connection between the two of you so be very careful who you do it with.

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Im at the vegan vamp stage right now since I have only fed off plants so far lol. Like you said they have a high frequency, I think the other day I might have fed a little too long because I actually felt some weird discomfort on the arm of the hand I use to feed with later in the day.

Like making a trolling type comment on ig or youtube? Comes to my mind

Not necessarily. I wouldn’t say trolling anyway. It helps to put some belief in what you’re saying. Gives it more weight. Even if you don’t actually believe what you’re saying, believe it for the moment. People, even low tier people can usually tell if someone is genuine or not in their ideals. If you don’t appear to care, why would they?

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I see where your coming from. Damn! I had a bunch of people mad at me during a debate in a discord server, I should have fed then! I wasnt thinking about it then, oh well :((

Next time.
It’s just one of the many odd thoughts I’ve entertained lately.
Mind is going strange places.
Heavy concepts.