Hi! I'm new and I need help!

where should i start?

my family realative cursed my mother and i need the help and knowledge breaking banish and purify my mother myself and the house.i don’t know how to evoke and invoke or which ancient god/deamon should i turn to.the 2 relatives(women) that cursed my mother turned our life a living hell(we’re broke,my mother health is not well to say the least and’ve been searching for a way to break the curses i tried wicca and white magic but nothing helped.including angels or praying…
but i’ve somehow beacame an ampath and saw in a vision that my guardian angel is rapahel and a strange thing happened later…i noticed a video on you tube(never seen it before) from a solitary witch which teaching the lhp and she showed some spell, i did it,and it worked it just sit made them sit on their ass and they just bounded.so i want to learn to evoke invoke or make a connection with an ancient god/daemon and i don’t know how or who to learn from(can’t buy ant book or take a course couse i can’t afford that thankes to those women curses)can someone please teach me how to purify body and soul,cleansing,if it’s the right place to ask.

and a couple a baby step questions:
1)what do you mean to open a sigil?
2)if i invoking/evoking how to complete and finish the invoction/evocation without living the door open to others entities/impostors/evil beings?
3)who is the best for beginners?
4)is there a simple way before evokeing/invoking to connect?

sorry for the trouble and thanks for reading!


I have to go cook so won’t reply at length, but this answers the first question, and opening sigils is a method for the 4th as well:

A sigil (/ˈsɪdʒəl/; pl. sigilla or sigils; from Latin sigillum “seal”) is a symbol used in magic. The term has usually referred to a type of pictorial signature of a demon or other entity; in modern usage, especially in the context of chaos magic, it refers to a symbolic representation of the magician’s desired outcome.
From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigil_(magic)

Hopefully other people will be able to help with the rest, and also, check out the links in the PM I sent you (green icon, top right) - the Member Resources thread has a lot of useful beginner information in it! :thumbsup:


who would curse your mother ? and why i know a method but i need more details

No trouble at all. If you are trying to break a curse and clear out bad mojo than evocation is not really what I would go for. Banishing, wards, protection and uncrossing magick would be my first choice. If you are able, burn incense often (negative entities cannot stand that) while you learn. This is all stuff I think folks should be able to do before they mess with evocation/invocation anyways, especially banishing. What do you do when your work goes wrong, or the attacker retaliates and ramps up the attack? Despite what some say, spirits are not the answer to every problem in magick.


lady eva thank you very much!!!i didn’t think it was so simple :smiley: i’ll do it!

raziel…it was our relatives and why?money. you’ll get all the details.

woodsman…i already tried and did all that, we were worn out from all their attacks.the curse begun in about 20 years ago in 1995-1996 and if it’s not enough they learned how to curse solitary ruthlessly day and night. we focousd first on defense but come on how many times you can get hit without hitting back??it worked for a couple of days and they returned to attack again and again.why?

because our relatives very greedy.years ask ago one relative who was and still using dark arts(herbs,food,nails,hair) asked my mother to lend her money(huge amount)my mother didn’t have it.so they stopped tallking with us.
while she was a in very prosperous she paid a fortune to four! gypsys to curse her.it was in 1995 1996 a spiritual advisor told us that.she and another relative witch who was visitting us often and actualley was her spy.she send her to us.we didn’t know that at that time but she was in our home every visit going to the toilet room and cursed and did i don’t what there.the room today looks like the walls are eating themeself from the inside. right now thanks to the binding spell they can’t harm us anymore. i know that because i’m see it in the cards or but i need to learn to break and cleanse what they did.nobody from the white magic can or could help us. i need someone from the lhp to guide me how to do this beacause the magick was the only thing that worked.so,who is the best ancient god/deamon who can teach me how to do this? oh and of coures i want those two witches to pay for what they did to us they ruined 25 years of our lifes and i
need the knowledge to do this i’m usually a very nice guy and willing to help anyone who ask.but this…what they done and still trying to ruin us(i see it in the cards) .play time for them it’s over.

if any information is missing i’ll be happy ro fill the holes and more happy if someone can help me and my mom to get them of our back for good. will really be a life saver!!!