Hi! Im fairly new to this magick stuff

Hi! My name is jack and ive been working with lucifuge the past couple of months, with diminishing results. Looking to learn something new and find some woke friends. Bye now!

Welcome to the forum.

When you say “working with Lucifuge,” what do you mean? In what way?

What magick do you have experience in?

Man its funt. I just wanna chat up some woke friends. Like im actually sorry for what i said.

And we are looking for some information on what, exactly, you practice, and have experience in. It’s a standard part of a proper introduction.

It gives us a glimpse at what you bring to the table and helps us to provide appropriate resources and advice.


We need to know more like:

What aftershave(s) you use and why?
Are you a tea or a coffee person? Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
Are you addicted to any drugs? If not, why not? If you’ve always wanted to be a drug addict, why?
What astrological star sign are you?
Why are humans the only animal which in their self chosen environment need holidays for mental health reasons?
This is the stuff we need to know to help you, that’s all. Honestly, we’re not interested in why you joined this group and what you’ve done and failed at; but if you care to, feel free.


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how do you block other people or magicians from reading your mind lately I cant stop people from reading my thoughts and they are saying really stupid things back its driving me to my breaking point how do you block your thoughts from being read by others?