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Hi my name is Larissa and I come from Sweden. I speak three languages fluently and I am very interested in magic. I live in the forest which means that I have quite the experience with natural magic, but I still have A LOT to learn. I am very interested in Banshees and Hellhounds and I know very much about them, except how to summon them (if you know how to do so please tell me). I’m interested in spells, witchcraft, just EVERYTHING about magic and the supernatural which I believe in. I think I said everything I’m supposed to. Have a great day!
//Larissa, your Banshee queen


Welcome, BALG is a library and wealth of information with a lot of verifiable doyen(s) in the field of “sorcery / black magick.”

Hey Larissa, great location. Long live mother Evropa :slight_smile:


Hi welcome to the forum! Hmm you know I read a thread before where someone in this forum was also very interested in hellhounds and he called Lord Lucifer and asked for a hell hound and he received 2.

Please read this!

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Welcome to the forum!



Looking into the older Celtic Lore might help you here. Not the well known tales the lesser spoke about ones.


Never thought someone would use what i said lol as long as it helps. by the way Lucy and hunter are good, we take good care of each other.