Hi everyone!

Hi everyone.
My name is Arthur and I’m 13 years old.
I was always interested in the paranormal.
I have been researching magick for about 2 years now. I’m still new to all of this stuff so sometimes I get really confused when I hear everyone talking about certain things. One thing led to another and apparently I ended up here. This seems like a cool forum so I decided to make an account. There are so many topics and paths to take that it confuses me a lot and I don’t really know where to start.
I recently bought The Lesser Key of Solomon. So at the moment I’m focusing on that. I don’t really have a place where I can do rituals because if my stepdad found out he would probably throw me out of the house (he is Christian). And if my dad found out that probably won’t have a good ending either. So I try to do most things out of my body.
My brothers and my mom know I do practice magick but they don’t think too much of it.

Thanks for reading. ( ̄▽ ̄)

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Welcome to the forum.

There are many great beginner resources here so make heavy use of the little magnifying glass in the upper right to search for information. You’ll find answers to most of the questions you have :slight_smile:


Welcome :blush:

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Most people on this forum are hard-wrorking magicians and students of magick who are out to support and learn from one another, but please remember predators exist online, there is no verification of ID etc on this forum, and stating your young age may attract some unwanted attention, so please don’t hestitate to flag anything that seems a bit weird and I’ll take a look. :+1:


Welcome to the forum!!!

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Welcome to the forum!

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@spookyArthur LE is good people, take her advice and feel free to explore. Welcome to the Forum!

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