Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone!
I’m excited to be a part of this community. I come from a very non religious background and have had an interest in the occult from about age 6. I have been down may different religious paths and was recently guided to this site. I was going to say “Stumbled upon” but I believe everything happens for a reason so I am sure I was guided here.
I think I am disappointed with how my human senses perceive this world. I know that there is far more out there because I feel it. I want to open myself up to learning all that I can from everyone here so I can re-make the world I live in resonate more with who I am at the present and prepare it for who I plan to become in the future. Hopefully that’s not too cryptic.
As far as the kinds of Magick I like, this is it. I believe whole heartedly that there are forces out there that we can tap into, that want to help and guide us and remove the blinders that this physical realm imposes preventing us from experiencing our true potential. I look forward to chatting with any and all of you.



Do you have any experience in magick?


I have actually traveled many spiritual paths, and I have a great interest In the majority of them. To name a few, I have looked into Christianity, Wicca, Santeria, Buddhism etc. I have been a participant of some, a member of others but I would say that I don’t claim to be an authority on any of them.

Mr. Koettings Philosophies and practices intrigue me immensely and definitely seem to resonate with me on a different level. I guess if I was to put it into an understandable term, it’s like having a big puzzle where the picture is missing a few pieces and is incomplete. I feel that with continued hard work and dedication that the missing pieces will be found here.

In anticipation of your next question LOL of what the missing pieces are, I think the mental structure and focus are two things that I need to work on the most.

My belief in other realms, universes and existences goes without question, as I have seen, felt and experienced many things.

I believe that I wasn’t ready in the past to follow one particular path because all the paths I have traveled prior have helped mold and shape me to who I am today. I feel that I am now ready.


Welcome to the forum. I’m sure you will find a lot of interesting stuff here :slight_smile:

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Thanks. How long have you been here.

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On the forum? 6 years.

I’ve been practicing magick seriously for about 15 + years though.


That’s awesome. Any particular areas of expertise?

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Evocation is my main focus but I wouldn’t call myself an expert in anything. I’m constantly learning new stuff every day.

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That’s cool my friend, that’s where some of my interest lies too. I’m sure if I have any questions I’ll be reaching out for sure.

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I am really excited to see how your journey goes my friend. I def agree that I think the missing pieces can be found here and I hope we find them soon.