Hi Everyone I'm new here

I’m from the east coast of North Carolina. My parents were in the military so I’ve moved around the country a bit when I was younger. I’m very new to Magick. I’ve recently awakened latent Psychic abilities and I’ve quickly learned that practicing Magick goes hand to hand with these abilities. I’ve been practicing mostly defensive \ protective Magick but I’m also interested learning more about Meditation, Energy Work, Soul Travel, Evocation, and Astral Plane. I want to learn more about how the intricacies of how this reality works. I believe this website is an excellent treasure trove of knowledge and has a really good community of like minds seeking the truth.

I’m new but I have experience in Fire and Chaos Magick.
I work with Crystals, Herbs, Oils, Resins, Candles, the usual tools used with Magecraft


Hi welcome to.the forum, hope we have everything youre looking for :blush:

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How new is “new?” How long have you been practicing?

Welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the forum…

I look forward to the knowledge you can share with us.

Hello @CryingHeavens welcome to the forum :blush:

Hey, welcome to the forum.

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Thank you. I’ve been practicing about 6 months now with eye opening results. Mostly defensive magick. Also working with Crystals, Meditation, and Chakras has been pretty amazing thus far.

Thank you. I look forward as well.

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Thank you appreciate it.