Hi everyone from Europe

Hi everyone,

My name is Alexandre, I live in Europe. I practice meditation since I was 15, I practice Franz Bardon, I have trouble developing my visualization but I persevere, besides my dear brothers and sisters if you have advice to give me, I will listen to you attentive ear. In truth I have been frequenting this site for more than a year but I did not dare to register, I crossed the cape.

Welcome everyone :v::v::v:


Welcome to the forum.

How long have you practiced Franz Bardon?

Welcome to the forum !


@NapoleonBonaparte welcome to the forum


Welcome, LeonDegrelle!

What part of Europe?

Welcome :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed your book, The Eastern Front! :smiley:



Don’t force the visualisation bit: it can turn out way better or completely different than you imagine and you could be incredibly pleased with it. Visualising and ritual just help one feel more connected to the desired state. It’s that feeling of relief or fulfillment that is the key–not the details of your visualisation. In fact, strained visualising will correspond to a strained path to your desire. Did not dare register? Why the fear? We’re not superior to you or dangerous in anyway.

I have been practicing Franz Bardon since I was sixteen

France :blush:

excellent book :blush:

I was a little shy to register :blush:

Hello there :wave:t5: How do you feel now, vs when you first joined us? How’s your visualization, have you improved?

Hi ,

I still can’t visualize. Some say that this is due to an imbalance of the Fire element? But how to restore the balance?

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And how old are you now? lol

This doesn’t really tell me how long you have been practicing the Bardon system without a reference point :joy:

Are you sure you don’t have aphantasia, which is an inability to create images in the mind?

I am nineteen years old

Honestly I don’t think so.