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i have recently been what some would refer to as being switched on… i feel lucky to have run across this forum and am hoping to meet like minded people on here to talk about things and hopefully make some new friends. i am very very new to the spirit world and have no idea whats going on lol. i do not know any majic of any kind and until now have never really thought about trying. some things ive seen and felt have been negative and seemed like attacks but i can also tell that theres a lot of good peaceful spirits around me. i want to learn and become good at whatever it is thats going on so that i can understand things more clearly. i never have asked for any of this but i feel like its an unexpected gift from above. when this first started a couple of months ago it was very intence and overwhelming, sometimes very scary. however now i think im ready to feel my way thru this and figuring out who is who and what is what. most of the time what is see is faded but at one point things were clear as day. sofar i have seen and or felt - good : diffrent colors, orbs, square shapes one blue one pink, a desighn of red 5 point stars, fast pin ball size orbs with tracers, a white flashing light, white intiligent but shy smoke, little soft bumps all over, tingeling sensations of the neck shoulders and back, ringing of the ears sometimes loud… bad but not so much anymore : bad headaches, attempts of possession, moving objects, loud or soft footsteps that i can feel around my bed. a tall entity that is clear but sometimes smokey i cant really make it out… there was an horrible feeling of being watched very hard behind my neck that would sometimes hurt, a dark black orb and, an apparition of an older man but i think that he and the black orb are gone now after praying very hard to saint michael the arch angel. these things have been following me from place to place as i travel a lot for work. recently i have been having vivid dreams that i cant really control yet bc i dont realize that im dreaming. when i am able to sort of do so i unfortunitly come across as rude to everyone. which is strange bc i like to think that im a very nice laidback person… any way thats a little bit about me and my experiances. thanks for letting me in the group and i wish happy peaceful experiances for everyone. =)

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Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum. You need to learn how to properly protect your energies. My thread is a good starting point.

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thanks purple i really appreaciate the help. i just now tried out the video that you sent. it took me 2 or 3 tries but i deffinitly got it. i got comfortable in my bed, prayed to saint michael and saint raphiel for protection and with my intentions. then to my gardian angel and during the experience i thought of my grand mother being there with me. on my third try i felt myself slightly drift down to the right and felt a warm energy in and around my body. and i also saw some light green to my left. alot of things i see right now are out of the corner of my eye or lots of times with my eyes closed… thanks for this thread i look forward to trying the others that are connected with it. i really feel that this helped me.

by the way could either of you please let me know if you think this link below is accurate on diffrent colors? its kind of what ive been going of of sofar. im also wondering if its possible for negative spirits to trick you with the color that they show. and do certain shapes have meanings, ex: squares, circles, stars, hollow shapes, full color shapes? sorry for all the questions lol i just dont know many people tho talk to who are into this. i feel like i cant just talk to anyone about it…

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