Hi beloved brothers and sisters

I am basically very attracted to magic, which is abit out of ordinary for a Namibian girl, since earlier stages of my life i always felt like i have magical abillities but just dont know how to tap into it. I used to see things, spirit’s, i could feel if someone practicing magic would come close just by looking or greating them.

I was taken to a traditional doctor by my grandmother so they help me remove this gift which they of cause felt it was a curse at that point in time. As much as i was trying to avoid or move or ignore magic thoughts and so forth the stronger the erge of practising magic. I find my self browsing sites of magic, demons and you name it. Its like a force drawing me to it.

Funny though, for some reason I believe in it , lol, sometimes just laying awake waitng for a spirit to come talk to me.

Could i unknowingly be a witch or what?

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Welcome to the forum.

I moved your introduction from “General” to its proper place in “New Magicians and Introductions.”

Thank you very much , still trying to get da heck how to navigate the site