Hi all

Hey, just introducing myself here. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my name just yet, but I’ll go by E. I’ve been practicing for just over a year and I do have to say this place is a lot more helpful and welcoming than Reddit lmao. I’m interesting in hearing about all of your experiences and finding whatever nuggets of wisdom I can on here!



I never felt like Reddit was a solid place to gain knowledge… though I frequently lurk threekings to see what sort of rituals people come up with lol. Glad you’re here! I have before suggested in private a couple people from reddit to browse here (those who seemed mature and serious of course).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the BALG community as I have! :slight_smile:

You’ll definitely learn a lot!


Welcome @theempress

Where are you from?

Practicing what, exactly? This is pretty vague and doesn’t tell us much.

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

Sorry! I’m from the US. Just practicing basic spellwork with candles and sigils and such. I haven’t yet found a specific route I want to go down (ie hoodoo), so I’m just learning a bit about everything in the mean time and hoping something resonates.


Same, I’m not a member there but a Google search will often direct me there and there’s certainly some good info but most of it looks like a train wreck.

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Welcome E. I started in Reddit and made my way here, too. Be sure to check out the tutorials. There’s a lot of good stuff that’s been written.

Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! :+1: - General Discussion - Become A Living God


Welcome :blush: