Heziel and Umabel

Has anyone ever worked with them before and what have your experiences been?

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Haven’t worked with them, but they look interesting. Do you have the 72 Angels of Magic book?

Yes that’s how I learned about them. I’m currently looking into working primarily with that book, DOM, and Universal Magick by Corwin Hargrove to boost my workings with the other two. I’m starting off the 72 Angels because it’s the most well known out of the 3. I ignored it when it first came out in favor of other books because “ugh angels… what can they do?” “Do I have to work with them”? I am starting to let go of those biases and simply just focus on the magick and what it can do for me.

Those two Angels are for obtaining friendships. Umabel is supposed to be at good attracting genuine friends. Heziel is supposed to be good for attracting the favor/friendship of great people. I hope to use both to draw in people into my life who are both to help me transform it.


Is Heziel and Raziel the same Angel? I don’t have any idea on Angelolatry (I was pretty much an atheist since I was 13 and never read the bible). I’m just beginning to practice Angelic magick only because Damon Brand and all the other awesome new modern megickins made Angelic magick ridiculously easy. If they are the same Angel then yes several times actually. He’s the main Angel you call upon when working with the Angels in Damon Brand’s 72 Angels of Magick book.

No no he’s not the same. Raziel (the archangel) and the angel under him Arzel are who you call to first to talk with the other 72 shem angels (or any other angels or spirits). Heziel or Aziel is the 9th shem angel of the 72 angels. His offices are To grant friendship and favor of the great, execution of a promise made (sic). Governs good faith and reconciliation. Sincere in promises, will easily extend pardon.


Oh my bad! I haven’t read the whole book I only search for the Angel that can help me and proceed with the ritual.

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It’s ok I think alot of people do that and not just with the shem angels. I’m only delving deeper into it because what I’m considering asking for are not simple things so I’m trying to make the most out of it.

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Have you tried Netahiah? As it happens I’m also trying to get something pretty big so I’m working with him first to increase the overall potency of my magick to increase the chances of success.

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No but that’s not a bad idea for taking your magick to the next level.

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