Heye there

Hey guys,

I’m a new member, I go by Jusgolden but I think I want to add Daemon to my last name until I have a new magick name.

I am new to all of this stuff but I got my first taste of spirituality a few years ago when the whole beast coast movement happened with joey badass and his friends.

I also used to watch spirit science heavily but I still felt like they were missing out on something and I feel like by working with become a living god you fill the void that they didn’t teach about which is so weird cause I am a firm believer in if you have something to say you should just say that shit.

I am still working on my skills with the ladies though so I am none to talk about speaking up haha.

The only other magick form I have found is that on creepyhollows which I am just joining today as well.

I am actually starting my journey as a spirit keeper as well as I purchased my first spirit from them as well as their book on how to become a good spirit keeper.

I hope I do a good job on that journey as well but I am also interested in the draconian path that Asenath teaches. I actually bought her ritual book and plan to study it thoroughly.

Recently life hasn’t been going my way but that is typical as I am the type to procrastinate and binge eat all day so my life is shit because I make it shit.

Long story short I gave up spirituality a while back to pursue music full time because I couldn’t learn to astral project and got really discouraged and felt like all this was a sham. Then A few weeks ago maybe a month or two actually I made a friend who practices wicca and once he told me about it I was instantly in a trance as if he held the secrets to something I had been missing out on my entire life.

My father has irish and creole background so I really am interested in getting attune with my pagan side as well as learning about voudon but my heart lies more in learning about alchemy as well and right now I just have a ton of info coming at me so I really need help sorting everything out that I have been processing as I feel my time may be short and I want to make the most of it.

Oh yea I also purchased a lancet to practice giving blood and it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be but I definitely need a pack of band aids instead of these larger bandage wraps I purchased haha.

I also want to learn martial arts and I am 20 not in college cause I realized I would rather buy books off of amazon study those and also get certificates and diplomas through courses like become a living god and creepyhollows.

So yea if you guys want to be friends and discuss each others journey’s I am down as my family isn’t really interested in this stuff, even though I told them they could still be right hand pathed and still learn just as much but at the same time that might be a lie hahahah. :grin:

Oh yea did I mention I might have gotten a hex put on me by a psy vampire:yum: that made me want to study vampirism so I could get back at them and be an even stronger vamp then them because I know with my brain capacity I can do it and be a true demon king.

The only thing I am not comfortable with is animal sacrificing. I understand it is a thing but if I can negotiate my blood or sexual energy I will always choose that first before the animal.

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Welcome to the forum.


Welcome sir, that was quite an introduction. It would seem like you have a lot going on in your life. I think this is just the place you need . I have only been on here for less than one day and there’s an incredible wealth of information and I’m sure much of it will guide you on your path.
See you around the forum.


Definitely I appreciate places like this much more than social media since most of my feed is full of fake daemons. I would rather much so be around people who embrace this path and use it for the good and even if they decide to be a villain atleast be a good one hahaha but yes I think I want to study king solomon as I hear he has been very good at working with daemons.

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