Hey, I'm new and I need help identifying what states I'm in and how to go deeper

I’ve done a lot of research, and I’ve practiced a lot and I have come to one conclusion while trying to get into the theta/gamma sync/ rapture, that I’m horribly awful at it. I figured I’d start out by saying I use a white candle and stare into the flame while doing autogenic exercises to relax my body. My mind seems clear and everything around the candle starts going really dark, but I NEVER feel like I’m losing equilibrium, or the floor has slipped out from underneath me, or that I am spinning. I having been doing this for a little over 6 months and It’s really been pissing me off because I’m not making any progress, I’ve read a lot of forums on here and I’m thinking getting a consultation is my only answer, although I would hate to spend that amount of money so this is my last resort. Any advice, and am I in the TGS and if I am how do I enter the rapture, would you kindly help out a beginner and leave some insight or advice?

P.S. I’ve tried the blue ray meditation and it doesn’t help too much, so any advice but that would be great.

Edit: I’d also like to point out to anyone else reading that I did this before as a child not knowing what TGS, Rapture, or Crossroads were, and after a demon visiting me in my sleep, I woke up in this state with an inability to hold the state. I know exactly what it feels like, so I would know if I felt it, I just can’t get there for some reason.


Try simple meditaton first, try these tips.


I do appreciate the help, but after watching the video I realized that I have been given this advice before, I don’t feel as if I’m becoming distracted at all and I’ve done breathing techniques, which don’t bring me into that state.

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Have you tried the falling back technique? wear you reach the inner calm maybe the begining of entering trance then creating a sensation of falling backwards or lying backwards while maintaining steady breath?


I actually have tried something similar where I imagine falling backwards or climbing a ladder and falling off to create a falling sensation, neither of which worked. I also tried the visualisation that I did when I was little, which was me lying in my bad, imagining me floating in a black void. It worked GREAT back in the day, but no so much now. Although I will keep trying different variations of falling backwards or just falling straight down.

Look for some different breathing techniques, try some and see what works best for you.
Good luck :slight_smile:


Maybe you have too much mental clutter, it happens to us all at one point or the other :slight_smile: maybe just stick to 15 mins of simple meditation and use shamanic drumming to help you. You probably just need reprogramme your subconsious. If you get really stuck you can try some psychedelic herbs but only to aide magical work not recreational use.

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I meditate for about 25 minutes a day, not 15. So for the record it’s not like I’m quitting meditation after 5 minutes because I’m frustrated. I have heard about drumming, I’ll definantly try that. Psychodelics are a bit off the table thought. I’m 19 and I still live with my mom while going to school and she would kill me. Thanks so much for the help! every little bit helps!


Thanks Dave!

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If you would like a strong boost, you could try contacting my good ol’ buddy.

He has worked great for myself and others.

Okay, this is actually pretty common, myself included. Do you remember any of those times clearly? What were you doing, what was going on around you, what visual stimuli were present, how soon after waking/before sleeping, etc…? It is a little different for everyone, so these details are important. For example, my triggers for this state include a focus of light/dark visual contrast and/or movement and the TGS state requires me to focus through this while “excluding” everything around it, even though I see my surroundings. When I was a little kid this would happen when my grandmother would watch soap operas, during long car rides, during a boring sermon, etc… It was like I was on my way to standard childhood daydreaming but got diverted into TGS on the way, lol. Try to recreate those instances in your mind and see what you come up with. Also, consider banishings in your living space and a purification followed by an uncrossing on yourself, just to be sure.

im having this same issue. What ive been trying lately is doing my meditations at 3am. i stay awake until 3am then start meditating, in the hopes that my natural tiredness will pull me into that state. Remember, you enter the tgs every night as you drift off, so perhaps try your meditations while youre super tired at night