Hey I am new also

I knew about the occult since like 7 years ago, but only started to practice semi-seriously since 2-3 years. During that time, I am not exactly sure if I’ve seen results… I feel like I am going really slow on my journey, and felt like I can find some help in this forum so hey.

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Hello there, welcome.

What type of magick do you practice?

Do you have any experience in a specific system of magick?

I tried some Golden Dawn stuff, and Gallery of Magick things as well.
I know that secrecy is huge in Magick, and I am not sure whether I should divulge a lot of information about myself, I did that in my life a bit, and felt like it kind of stalled my magickal growth.

Okay, I understand. Well this is the right place to come to for help. You’re among friends here, at least in my company, I can’t speak for.everybody of course but so far I havent found reason to feel offput. I’m just curious what kind of spells you’ve performed, the intent behind them is irrelevant. The modality is what peaks my interest. Maybe I can be of some assistance. If not, someone else here can for sure.

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I tried the Konstantinos summoning spirits book, but I really half assed it cause I couldn’t create the materials like making the mirror and gathering ingredients etc.
I did the best I could to replace certain materials and tried to evoke a spirit, but I dont’ think it worked.
Just thought I’ll come back when I am able to gather all the required things.
I came across this site frequently when I was searching for information, and a person caught my eye and I think he can help me, so that’s why I joined, hopefully I can find some answers in this forum.

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I’m not familiar with that book. When you say making a mirror, do you mean a scrying mirror?

If you were expecting to actually see a spirit thats rare. I’ve only had messages come to me in my thoughts, from what I’ve surmised thats the most common way spirits speak to people.

yeah I think it was a scrying mirror but I had to create it through some complex methods and cut all the wood and mirror myself, paint it black and stuff… I also had to create fire wand, and etc. the stuff Golden Dawn use for their rituals.
I try to imagine spirits, and in my rituals imagine them speaking to me, which makes me unsure if I really talked to them or it’s just my imaginations…
anyways I need to go do my homework for tommorow, Thanks Mina I’ll come back tommorow or in the next couple days.

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Of course. I just painted a picture frame to make mine, but it sounds like you had some elborate stuff goin’ on there. Maybe you might consider working with some sigils or candle magic before jumping into magick like that, but thats up to you of course. Nice to meet you, @thefreed Have a great night! I’ll see ya when I see ya, if not sooner haha.

Welcome to the forum.

thanx for having me