Hey here's an idea

Here’s an idea, what if there was like an ebay type place for magical items, such as items with spirits bonded to them or magic daggers. We could call it the “magical black market”! Sounds like a cool idea, but of course monitoring quality control might be a hard thing to do if anyone could come on there and sell what may or may not be a good magic item. So what do you all think of that idea?

I think its a brilliant idea.


That is a pretty interesting website iMAGE, they have some interesting stuff there.

I think this is a pretty cool idea, but in my experience the items that are most powerful for have either randomly appeared in my life either during my travels or as gifts.

Holy crap that places prices are insane, do you know if they are reliable or not?

I own a number of products from them. one item I summon spirits from to do my bidding and I have had success with it. the first night especially when some gnomes were throwing rocks at me in my dreams trying to get my attention. however my skills need development in order to get the full benefits. also I have a separate helper spirit and he swirls around me from time to time in the former of an orb.