Hey,help with the theta-gamma sync

hey guys, im trying to enter this state, so i sit and relax,then i imagine the cloud and with it i relaxing each part of my body 3 times
then i focus on my breathing and open my eyes and look on the ceiling-wall line a little down with unfocused gaze but i cant see no static rain and everything
is it something that comes with practice or is it something that i miss?

Try drawing a violent double armed cross on fabric and put it on your wall. You can gaze into it to help you get in the sync. You can also use a black banner with a red or white inverted pentagram

violent double armed cross? … violet?

I’m guessing its coz violet is intuition/clairvoyance I think? And the double armed cross is personal destiny/dharma.

When I tried to enter the sync the first time using that method (that is, yesterday night) my room was completely dark so I couldn’t really see anything while looking at the ceiling. So, I kept my gaze there for a while, then closed my eyes and started a visualization. A few minutes later I felt that falling sensation that should indicate that I succeeded and I started to see tha static against my closed eyelids. So, it seems that it works anyway, even though it might be slower. If you have trouble looking at the ceiling in that way, I have noticed that it helps if you imagine a window glass placed between you and the ceiling and you focus on it instead of the ceiling.