Hey, Help me!

Hey, I am new here & seriously need help

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Welcome to the forum.

Please introduce yourself properly. Tell us about you and any experience you may have in magick.


Hi, I am Priya. I don’t have any experience in any magic/spell.
There is this filthy disgusting man who has been peddling lies, ruining & troubling my elder brother & my family since a long time and has made our life hell. Not only my family, he has been doing this with 100 others in the organisation. Since the past one & a half months, this has been affecting me very badly. I have been crying every single day, unable to even eat proper food, skipping my exams. In short, my life has become a hell. This man seriously needs to leave the world! Help me…


Ok… but what do you want people to do?

I get it, you’re in a bad spot because some other person is being a jerk in a non-specific way. Now, what do you want to learn? Because this is mostly about discovering stuff.

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Hi @Priya
So you have no experience in magick whatsoever, but you ask for help on a death spell. Am I correct? Now, the question is in what exactly you’re asking help with:
Do you want someone else to do the dirty work for you?
Or do you want to learn how to do it yourself?

If it’s the first, we don’t really offer these kind of services. We’re not here to give you quick solutions on your problems, using our time, skills and materials for free. And as its against the rules for the forum members to charge for services, then that means you got a bit unlucky here.

If it’s the second, I’d advice you to start from the basics before you go all nuts on Baneful magick. The search icon top right (magnifying glass) will be your best friend. Don’t be afraid to open your own topics using the appropriate categories with your questions if you can’t find something with the search option or if you need some explanations.
People here will gladly use their time and knowledge to try and answer your questions and even guide you, if you show interest to learn.

Here’s a nice topic for you to start your journey:


I want to learn the most simplest way- maybe a spell/curse to kill or at least make that person seriously sick. I have never done anything like this nor ever want to do in future, but this person needs to leave the world. He is seriously literally very disgusting.

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As a beginner in magick, it is very unlikely you will be able to kill your target.

It requires focus, concentration, and the ability to manipulate energy through will.

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Considering you are a beginner, it would probably be best to perform a petition ritual to ask a spirit for help with dealing with your target.

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Okay @Priya, start at the start.
Take a personal moment and get your mind in a good place. Don’t focus your thoughts on the enemy or the harm they have caused.

Find your place of strength. Most magicians start just like you, with an impossible problem and no clue how to solve it. Wanna get initiated?
You are an official Black Magician. Light a candle and peer into the darkness. Your enemy is already dead. We’re just waiting to see how it happens.

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Actually, don’t focus too much on death.
It is good that you are content to hurt and kill your enemy. If you knew you could get away with it, would you strike them with a hammer? Would you kill them like a farm animal and think of it as good honest work? That’s the right kind of certainty to have.

At the same time, he has a will and a spirit and ancestors and all that. Putting him in a grave might be a lot harder than erasing him from your life. If you can be really cold and logical, anything that does the job is acceptable. If your enemy wins the lottery and moves to Hawaii, so be it. Gone is gone.

Hi @Priya, I understand how you feel.
If this person is causing this much trouble, have you thought to simply make sure that person goes away? Leaves the organisation, or maybe your relatives realise who he is and will make sure to remove that person from their life, etc.?

As others said, a death spell is pretty serious and requires strength (if that person is able to manipulate all those people, why do you think that your will is stronger than his?).
It would be probably much easier to work on another angle, or multiple angles:

  • change your point of view, increase your strength and mental resilience. Maybe magic can help you find a mundane way to get rid of that person without recurring to homicide. Also, increasing your mental resiliance will help you in not getting affected but what’s happening and keep up with your study and everyday life. Now it’s this person, one day could be another one. Do you think that killing all people that make you distract from your own life is viable? Better to make sure you are that strong to not be affected easily by those type of people, and in doing so, eventually you can also gain the strength to curse someone if that would be necessary.
  • that person can go away by finding another job, or have a change of heart and realise the bad he’s done and make amend for it to you and your family, or move to another city, etc. That person must be removed from your family’s life, not necessarily from existence (if your interest is really your and your family wellbeing and not just revenge).
  • Your family can find the strength, a reason or a way to detach themselves from that person.

All of this can be accomplished magically, without recurring to death curses.

Is it as simple as burning a candle & concentrating on it!??

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I just can’t. That person is sitting at a very powerful post. That person has made a lot of people suffer. He even had 2-3 criminal cases, but with money & muscle power he has been released from them. That person is really powerful in terms of power & money!

He needs to die & rot. That person is a blot on humanity.
Someone here recommended me the Master Curse. Should I go ahead with it?

If ultimately is what you want, go ahead with it.
I just wanted to make sure you understood that there are different paths that you can take and that you need to be clear in your intent before doing any magic.

I’m not familiar with the Master Curse so I can’t advise if it’s the right ritual you need, but maybe someone else can help you with that.


I think @Samael777 is right, you should try something less extreme to begin with. For the reasons he told, and because we (you and me) as new to this world can’t really expect to nail something so complex. Is like playing flawlessly any guitar solo by Malmsteen the first time you play a guitar.

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That is one place to start. If one person could simply tell another person how to cast a spell, this would be a very different world. You can do it though. I guarantee that you have the ability to win this fight. The fact that you are making the attempt and seeking the knowledge puts you in a special class of person.

I fully recommend that you cast the Master Curse.
I have no idea what that is, but I believe in you

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Basic Curse #1

Write your enemy’s name on a piece of paper, then burn the paper.

If your enemy doesn’t immediately die, watch this video and see if you missed something.


Really burn the paper though. Maybe do it in the dark in front of a mirror. See where that takes you.

Does this work? You say that the evil enemy will immediately die.