Hey guys! Who wants to get to know each other?

I did this once a while back. But I wanted to see if anyone wants to become friends on instagram? I’m trying to make friends with like minded people. On the form and on there. So if you would like to know my username just reply to me on here and I’ll give it to you.
I have Twitter also but I don’t know how many people use that.
Anyways hope everyone has an amazing day.
Hail Lucifer and Belial :metal:t3:


Well I don’t use Instagram or Twitter but I’m always interested in meeting new friends.

What forms of magic or sorcery do you practice?


Right now I’m into chaos magic a lot. But I am looking into other stuff to practice. I’m trying to open my psychic abilities at the moment. What about you ?


At present, I am practicing a mix of things, including qliphotic magic, and my own brand of meditative invocation. My main challenge that I am trying to tackle is soul travel.

What got you into magic?


I have Instagram and will be glad to make a friend who has interest in Magick, although I’m new I still want to learn a few things.

Pm :ok_hand:

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I’ve always been attracted to it for the longest time. The past year and a half I’ve been studying and stuff. I’m still trying to learn as much as I can

I use insta too. would like to become friends :slight_smile:

Hey my insta is SamanthaSekhmet you should add me ! Sorry for the late reply lol

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I’ve always been attracted to it since I was young. But just recently over the past maybe two years I’ve been getting way more serious about it. I guess I could say it just had called to me in some way maybe, if that makes any sense at all.
What about you ?

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Get to know each other how :smirk::smirk: . Luv u :heart:️:heart:️

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Haha luv yew too

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" My main challenge that I am trying to tackle is soul travel."
How’s that going?

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That’s a long story.

Originally it began with me realizing the religion I was raised in was full of shit. At one point I said a prayer addressed to “whatever was really out there” asking for the real truth (be careful what you ask for). After that I started having a lot of crazy dreams and waking suddenly and seeing spirits in my room with my waking eyes. Later I encountered a medium (a real one) who told me things were not as I was taught. After that I started consuming everything I could find on matters of spirituality and magic.

At some point I realized my motives were changing. What started with insatiable curiosity and a search for “enlightenment” was now motivated by a desire to gain power. Power that I could use to control the course of my own life. That’s when I embraced the LHP and have been on it ever since.

We have some stuff in common then. Yeah I learned at a young age the religion my grandparents pushed me into was bullshit. I remember when my grandpa had his second stroke and fell and hit his head (there’s a longer story to it, involves psychical abuse right before hand) I asked god why would he take away my last safe space ? I didn’t hear any answer and shit just got worse from there. That’s the day I lost my faith. I think I was like 7. I saw spirits throughout my whole life. So that kind of drew me to using Ouija boards in middle and high school and starting to get into stuff like that. But like I said I’ve felt a calling to magic and stuff for a long ass time now. It does feel great and powerful to know you are a part of something that is very real and very powerful

After Reading E.A. Koetting’s BALG & Ipsissimus I’ve recently started practicing the technique of Soul Travel described in them. So far, the results are as described in the books. Even so, I admit I’m feeling a little hung up on it not feeling ‘real’ enough.