Hey friends! i need your help!

hey, i bought the program of the divination but i got a problem, i cant download the damn workbook, i got some serious problems with this, can someone pm me for help/upload the workbook only to me for download??

thnx a lot!

I believe it and the rest of the downloads are only available once you finish the trial period

Yea the workbook basically only tells you the meaning of the taro cards, the runes, and the layout of the program

i got over the trial and i cant download it, can you upload it for me please?
i will be very thankful

Get onto the tech support people, they will help you out

help desk:


I just checked for you. Your trial ends in 4 days, and then the accompanying workbook will be available for permanent download.

i was in a similar situation and emailed zendesk about it and within 5 min
they replied and sent me dl links for all the videos and the workbook, although
i had to forget about the 7day refund policy but i didint need it anyway.

fast and great support!