Hey folks! Old soul newbie here

Hello everyone, I’ve joined the forum to pick all your brains, so I thought it polite to introduce myself. I have been away from magick for around a decade (well, as far away as I can ever get, to be honest), but with a house move, the fire seems to have been lit inside of me once more. Although I have interacted with various entities over my life, I have never consciously evoked anyone. Heck, I was so far from magick for a while that I forgot the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram even existed? I saw that phrase and all the memories came flooding back! Quite the rush.
So I am not sure where I am going with everything next, other than I wish to develop. I am actually quite happy with life, have a few struggles like anyone, but I enjoy that. I wouldn’t necessarily change anything to a great degree. Obviously, magick will put paid to that, since it is all about change. So I look forward to seeing where I am led, and what will grab my attention to make me want to pursue it.
On that note, I watched the Evocation of Lucifer YouTube video, and had a definite visit from a being as Beleth was invoked. I confess that I hadn’t even really heard of Beleth prior to this, as I never really dived into the Goetia, and he is not a popular being in fiction that I am aware of. So, there’s my first signpost, and I am eagerly anticipating what I shall learn next. Any hints, tips and references will be gratefully appreciated.


Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay. The search function might be helpful for you to find some of what you are looking for. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask or to start a thread on it.


Welcome @Sunchilde, your story is kinda similar with mine, I was also away for a decade, but probably for different reasons! There’s almost always a trigger that brings us back, usually a change. I guess, a change asks for a change, right? Enjoy your staying!

Just watch out for the crazy people


I’ll tell them

Sorry the voices are particularly load right now.

Welcome to the forum.