Hey Everyone

Just wanted to say hello and also ask a silly question since I’m new.

How do we join in on the live chats?

I’m aware that we can leave questions/comments prior to the Live Chats but I’ve never been on one in person yet.

Do we get a notification prior through email when we create an account on this community forum or does it happen through our Patreon subscription?

Anyways. I wrote a little about myself in my profile to introduce myself and explain my username.

Hope that you get a kick out of it.

I’m really looking forward to this community forum on BALG.

All the best. :boom:

Just read over the BALG rules.

My name is Todd and as I have shared my user name refers to The Joker.

My areas of Magick really haven’t been worked out but I’m really interested in playing the Joker rather than the Hero in the traditional sense.

Most of my previous experience has been more on more the right hand path but I’m not exceptionally proud of that fact.

The Left Hand Path makes more sense to me at this point in my journey.

Right now I’m working through coming out of a psychological issue that was diagnosed as being for religious reasons several years ago.

Back in 2014/2015 I began learning about and studying metaphysics.

Many of the esoteric truths about the mind really spoke to me.

At first learning how much of an illusion life can be was disappointing to a degree.

Now I see it more as a valuable tool.

I’m only about a year or so into Satanism and Luciferianism.

The darker side of esoteric studies is more relatable to me rather than the positive thinking aspect of metaphysics.

I’d rather be arrogant/cocky than confidence and self-centered/opinionated than humble.

Delving deep into the belief that true light can only being found in the darkness is a more relatable transition for me from about 30 years of right hand path experiences prior to now.

Hope that this post helps.

All the best.

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I cant answer your questions but I can say you are very well welcome to the forum. :+1:

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Thanks Littleshart. Much appreciated.

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Just got my answer about the Live Chat and Patreon when a notification arrived in my email about the next one.

Thanks for your patience.

Littleshare please pm. Thanks in advance