Hey Everybody ☺

Not really sure how I do this so im gonna start off with a hello :slight_smile:

I’m Bellamy, born and raised in Muncie. I’m not entirely sure what to call myself without going over the top. Witch? Hellinist? Iv always had a urge to dabble in witchcraft and what not. i became interested in it when I bought my first Tarot Deck. Sadly I lost said tarot deck so I have to buy a new one :joy:

I know a few things here and there, demonology, sigils, invocation/evocation. None of it really stuck with me so I guess me joining here, is an attempt at sorting out what resonates with me and what doesn’t.

I’m a really nice guy, iv been told I’m too nice lol, I care alot for everyone, even people who hurt me or people i don’t know. Im a firm believer in the saying “kill em with kindness”. That’s pretty much how I handle every violent situation I randomly find myself in. I’m good at getting to people. As much of an introvert that I am, I still love people. They are full of potential and surprises and that is thrilling to me.

I’m more of a right hand path type of guy. Not to say I’m all about sunshine and rainbows, I deal with alot of dark thoughts and emotions on a daily basis. Being kind and embracing everyone around me, is my coping mechanism.

I do work with two deities at the moment, that’s Apollo, my second is Artemis. They both are pretty big archetypes in my life. I strive to incorporate them into just about everything I do in my day to day basis.

Anyway I don’t know what else to say, so thanks for having me, I hope to make new friends here :grin:


Welcome aboard! I’ll be sending you a PM packed with infos later, keep an eye out for that. :+1:

How long have you been practicing for? :smiley:

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About three years

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Indiana? I grew up in North Central Indiana, once upon a time.


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Yep that’s the one. I hate it here tbh, planning on moving soon. Thx for the welcome :yum:

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Moved from the Indianapolis area in 2016. Small world.