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Or, he was intelligently identifying the fact that there are many people who still consider Brigid a Xian saint, but are also still being drawn towards their cultural roots. His presentation meets those people halfway, perhaps in an attempt to garner more attention in a positive light.

And again, making a joke of it is exactly how a bardic druid would approach the issue in some cases. If folks can’t see that then I have to question whether there is any point being offended about something they know about so seemingly superficially.

Good point and one we can sometimes forget with the modern sensitivities.

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Expressing a personal distaste and opinion is within the rights of everyone. You just did as much yourself.

If I don’t like someone’s portrayal of a Deity in the media it is within my constitutional rights to express it.




Absolutely, and I will stand for your right to do so every time. What does nothing constructive is being offended. Not to me, of course, but to the individual in question.

Every time a person directs energy away from things that can make their life awesome, it is energy and time that they can never get back in order to make their own life awesome. Offense is no different. Being offended at things that are not even directed at you is a trademark of unhealthy aspects of psychology. What is the point?

I am simply pointing out that being offended in such a manner is self destructive. If people want to destroy themselves, then that is their privilidge. I am just taking a moment to point out the danger of it to a community I do actually give a damn about. We may all be human and fallable, but here at BALG I like to think we strive to be better than average.

I don’t have issues with abortion like I said kill all the babies you want I honestly don’t care it’s not my problem. But this video is pure propaganda plain and simple. The fact that you like it is because it fully endorses your own political views and therefore you don’t see the problem. But there are many who could also say that since the ancient Aztec people cut the hearts our of virgins we should make a cute video endorsing virgin sacrifice. Also if people want to sacrifice their own virgins, I could card less. The fact is there are people who have various views on this issue and to blatantly say Abortion is OK because Brigit did it is not a realistic talking point for a political debate but is in essence an appeal to emotional response in support of a political issue.
To use Brigit for this purpose is an insult to Irish culture. Now if this video was simply an overview of the mythologies of Brigit that would be fine to include the abortion myth in it. But the video was made for no other purpose but to push a political philosophy. Brigit is being exploited for this purpose.

If I was to attempt to push a political philosophy I would endorse it with a human being who actually has said things on the topic rather than reaching into ancient mythology and putting forth emotionally driven propoganda claiming it’s approved by an ancient goddess when in reality the author does not know what Brigit would support. But this woman here tells you openly what she supports…

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And where do we draw the line between having a negative opinion on something, which is natural, and expressing it, which is healthy and a protected right that we both advocate for, or" Being Offended"?

To be perfectly honest it seems like " Oh you’re just getting all offended" is simply another way of degrading the freedom of speech of those that think differently than the one speaking, the way some use it.

The left attacks speech by saying that words are the equivalent of violence.

The Right does it by shaming those of other viewpoints by saying that they are weak to be “offended”.

But ultimately I don’t see much of a difference here.


Not really. Both were used to fuel political ends.

Tell that to them. These are what ifs and opinions.

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Well now how in the holy hell would you know that? Lol, you are pretty far off. The ability to make choices about what happens to your own body is not a political issue, it is a human rights issue. I don’t give a damn what country it is in. If you can’t wrap your head around that I don’t know how to help you.

I don’t see the problem because the statements made in the commercial are actually pretty accurate, historically. This is a commercial in Ireland. The Irish, because of xian meddling, commonly recognize Brigid as St Brigid, so it would make sense to refer to her as that if you actually want people on both sides of the coin to get the message. You view this thing as a political issue. I view it as a human rights issue. I will happily piss on every god and goddess in existence if it means my own species treats itself with a bit of decency.

A reference to the Aztecs is moot in this case, because the Aztecs were not generally sacrificing willing victims; they were not choosing what was to be done with there own bodies. It is not even a comparable example.

How? Irish culture allowed for abortion before xian interference. Brigid was indeed a goddess of fertility and infertility. You think Brigid would have an issue with her name being tossed around a bit to bring a bit of personal freedom back to her own people, which they had previously enjoyed? Doubtful. And there you go again, getting offended for other people. You are you. You are not a sole spokesman for the Irish any more than I am. This is not about you; it never was. You have made an active decision to be offended on someone else’s behalf. We see a lot of this in the states; white kids speaking out against outrages done to black communities that they have never lived in. It is equally as retarded when they do it.

Now, of course all of this is just my subjective opinion. But (and this is a BIG but) the fact is that even though two opinions are both subjective, one of those opinions is closer to objective than the other. I am very comfortable in a position where I choose not to be offended for others. It leaves me loads of time and energy to have actual good conversations with the folks here. Even this one. While the subject matter of this convo may seem obtuse to me, we are still all accomplishing far more with this current exchange than being offended for other people ever will.

And again, regardless of the political climate and the polarity surrounding this issue, make no mistake; it is a human rights issue, not a political one. Even beyond the surface. Should a person be allowed to choose for themselves? Regardless of any globalist plot lying beneath the surface of this issue, it is what others will do that make this political, not the actual topic of abortion.

Besides, I see people say dumbass things about the entities I work with here on BALG all the time, and for questionable reasons. If I allowed myself to be offended by it I would never sleep. Because it is still their version, and I cannot disprove it. Like angelics or certain ‘traditional’ RHP entities. Or other groups of occultists. See, nobody has an issue slinging mud to further their own ends until it gets tossed back at them.

In all honesty, then why are you speaking?

Yes and no, but the flow of politics and law seems to influence this, yes? As to wether or not you can obtain an abortion in said location, that is.

issue isn’t accuracy. It’s making a joke/mockery/ etc of a beloved Irish Pagan Goddess/figure.

If you cannot respect yourself of course you can’t respect someone else.

Once again, we aren’t a spokesman, so that point can easily go to either side.

Granted that part of his rebuttal is a tad far fetched, generally people won’t disagree or see an issue with something they agree with.

Ultimately, why isn’t this dying? This is getting extremely old…

Fuck it, I’m muting this. Why the hell would I waste my glorious, divine, destroying, loving energy on a bunch of bullshit that’s old, annoying and quite frankly not worth anybody’s time? Especially when I’m more likely to blow a fuse? I already fucked up so many people when I couldn’t control my anger. No thanks.

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lol, no no no. You don’t get to pull the ‘this is getting old’ card after you chose to respond yet again, lol. Good attempt to line that up, though. We are still talking about this because you guys mysteriously find value in being offended, and I am bored and having a hell of a case of insomnia.

If we are being honest, then why are any of us speaking on this? If people had the ability to scroll past things they don’t like without responding, half the threads on this forum would be empty and things like Facebook would not even exist.

Yes and no. Call it politics, but I maintain that no matter where in the world this debate is going on, it is a human rights issue being debated in a political setting. It is still a human rights issue once you remove politics from the scenario. Political motivations are just masks and sidelines.

Hmmm, but when you guys make cracks at other religions it is okay? What is good for the goose is good for the gander, as it is said. I have seen plenty of anti-religious sentiments targeting various figures specifically, perhaps not from you, but certainly from others in this thread. So if we are going down that road, perhaps we should add a touch of hypocrite to the snowflake analogy. I’m not saying don’t make the joke. I’m saying don’t have a double standard.

This is very true, but in the context I meant the statement in, I was merely saying that I will happily show more deferrence to my own species than I will to gods who do shyte for me unless I ask or compel them to.

Exactly right. Which is why it makes no sense to be offended over this…commercial. It’s a flippin’ commercial, lol!!!

True, but I’m coming from more of a “see the point without agreeing with it” camp. I actually abhor abortion from a personal level, but I am a staunch defender of people’s ability to make that call on an individual basis.

Ok then you like if because it endorses you human rights views. And like I said in my original post I could give a rats ass about abortion. Abortion is not the issue on trial for me and it never was. I thought I had made that clear in every single post.

The issue for me was that it’s "Propaganda "
It’s people being persuaded through shady and unethical means. It makes those that support abortion seem slightly less credible and a little less trustworthy.

Now like I said I could care less about abortion. It’s about the unethical use of persuasive strategies. It deals in emotional motivational tactics.

Subliminal advertising, because it is intended to produce information that the viewer is not aware he is receiving, has been ruled as not protected by the First Amendment. In Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. v. Public Service Commission of New York in 1979, the Supreme Court ruled that in order for marketing speech to be protected by the First Amendment, it must not be misleading. Subliminal advertising, by its very nature, does not fall under this protection. In the 1989 case Vance v. Judas Priest, a Nevada judge ruled that subliminal messages aren’t protected by the First Amendment and do constitute an invasion of privacy. He also ruled that subliminal messaging was not used in that particular case because, to date, no one had proven that subliminal messages could actually move someone to act against his will.

But this is a cases of motivation by emotion or subtle instigation.
It is a very real thing. It causes violence in the streets it causes Wars and holy wars or jihads, it causes all kinds of damage when left unchecked.
Even though you see the content as a benefit to humanity and the ends justifies the means, don’t you see that it opens the overton window just one notch? But a notch leads to lot over time.

Still way off. Way, way off. I actually thought the ad was retarded. I’m not defending the commercial. I’m pointing out that it is unhealthy to let a commercial manipulate your emotions…which it apparently has.

I will give you a dollar to find and post me one thing onto this thread that is broadcasted on a television that does not have a twist of propaganda built into it.

Ummm…you do know where we are having this conversation, right? Unethical? Are you kidding me? I’m pretty sure you manhandled a person via magick not too long ago, someone that actually made the news. I’m sure that did not possibly effect anyone in an unethical manner, lol. Dripping sarcasm, btw. We are black magickians. Moral and ethical relativity are kind of what lets us sleep at night. How can you perform black magick, then talk about how manipulation is unethical?

Yes, it is. That is the point of an advertisement, unless I missed something.

No, riots in the streets and jihads are caused by psychopaths who feel they have some kind of right to tell other people how to live their lives and what they can do with their bodies, then enforce those ideas with physical action. Making a mockery of religion or abortion is not going to effect the Overton window beyond what it already has.

You are making this into something it is not because you are offended. Your saving grace is that you are at least sane enough not to suggest suppression of the commercial. Now THAT kind of action DOES effect the Overton window. In other words, regardless how offensive you may find the ad, you are still better off in a world where it is allowed to be run than you are in one that it is not.

Agree :+1:


You make some good points, it is better to be free than not.
But seeing that we agree on many things I think the larger issue would be the things that have been and are still allowed and considered normal practice.

eats popcorn


L O Fucking L

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Very amusing. He obviously doesn’t know Her

Brigits Flame keep it burning…