Hey all Druids and Druidry lovers Check this out

Hey all Druids and Druidry lovers Check this out. I’m certain that all the folks on this forum from both the UK and certainly Ireland have seen this already. I just thought it was cool.



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Just watched it. That’s hilarious.

What a wonderful piece of pro abortion propaga
And thank you for using my religion as your fucking political driver please by all means go fuck yourself David Keeling.


Uh wut


Did you watch the fucking thing? It’s all good till he starts trying to use ancient goddess Brigit as a means to a political end.
Granted I have no problem with people who want to kill their own kids I think it’s great less competition for my kids. But I don’t appreciate people trying to mind fuck me into their political beliefs using my spirituality as a go between. It disgusts me.


I did but I mostly took it as a joke until you pointed it out.I let the rest of the gods deal with things like this themselves. I don’t drink poison.


Whoever had the idea to film that might get there eyes bursted :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I can’t take this seriously, it’s clear the maker doesn’t. Everything that could be “spiritual” or “supernatural” is played off.
She turned water into beer (well of course it HAD to have been through normal human means), she told a man his eyes would burst in his head (lol ya whatever, probably).
This whole thing is a joke but being used as propaganda against some bill being passed. It’s also being done in a demeaning way towards Bridget too; this guy Keeling clearly doesn’t believe in her and uses the churches bastardization of calling her a Saint.


Moloch / Baal Hammon agrees wholeheartedly :laughing:

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In all fairness, ancient people performed abortions long before the people of Erin were polluted by Christianity.

Now, you could adopt special snowflake status and be offended. Or you could see that the director was making a humorous appeal to the Irish people’s roots in true bardic tradition, something that has deep ancestral meaning to them.

The fact is, is that the ancient of Ireland (and lady Brigid) would have almost certainly supported this message, taken at face value. Especially since it is delivered in the form of taking a piss at the established politics. As much as it may offend you, it is accurate as well as culturally relevant.


Hence why he’s offended. Let someone do the same to you. That is, if he is offended. I’m sure if the spirits you worked with were spat upon you’d take issue with it? Or perhaps a beloved ones grave was desecrated or some form of memory of them, you’d become angry?


Wow, I did not mean to offend anyone by posting the video. I myself work with Goddess Brigid frequently and I thought it was cute. Why did I like the video? Because it’s nice to see the Catholic Church"s grip on the Irish Psyche loosening.

I was amazed that the video even mentions Bridget as Goddess and Druidess because I think even 20 years ago only talking of Bridget as a Christian saint would have been allowed on Irish TV. I remember when the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland banned playing the REM song “Losing My Religion.” So it seems to me that the Irish’s relationship to the Catholic church has made a seismic shift. At least that is what it looks like to me.


No. I would have to give a damn about someone and their opinion for them to offend me. If the spirits I work with were disrespected, I have enough confidence in their ability to take offense for them selves, and act accordingly. If my hand is needed, they will let me know. I don’t find it my place to get offended for other people. That’s some millenial, SJW, special snowflake nonsense. Let us just say that I would not work with such a weak spirit if that was the case.

As for graves, meh. Desecration really does not mean much to a guy who has been as vile to people in life as I have in the past. If I treat them in such fashion when they are alive (including alleged blood) then do you really think I would be all choked up about the spot where they dumped the meat suit? Even if it was someone I did love, my grandmother for example, she is not her grave. Kicking over a stone or pissing on the flowers is never going to take her smile from my mind, so what the hell do I care? While I would not do it to someone else’s loved one’s grave, at the same time it just does not mean anything to me when put in that position.

And when I made the comment about the bardic tradition, I meant that taking a laugh at something in order to press a point is a core part of the bardic druid tradition, which does have deep cultural roots within the Irish people. So, it was absolutely appropriate, IMO, to use this as a platform for a political move in Ireland that INCREASES their personal freedoms and perhaps gets them ever so slightly closer to where they were in the beginning.

If the Catholics were able to make such a joke about their own history then maybe they wouldn’t be so uptight and they would stop fucking little kids. See why this could be a good thing?

Lastly, I’m not terribly worried about offending the Irish anyways. We can get offended, but we are not pussies, so…yeah. We won’t break, lol.


Who gives a shit if somebody is offended by something you shared in good faith and with no intent to harm? We need de-sensitivity training in this world if we don’t all want to be walking around in pink vagina hats in 10 years. Let them be offended. It’s there blood pressure, not yours. You did nothing wrong in any way.

And yes, people in Ireland are definitely growing farther from the church, especially after that cesspool in Tuam was uncovered not too long ago. A hundred or so infants and kids murdered by Catholic nuns has a way of souring the public sentiment, yes?

These seem to be your favorite phrases, yes?

The point, or one of the points in the case I made, regardless of whether it means anything to you, is that she’s sacred to other people (that is, someone that’s not you). The fact that they used her image to further their political influence, etc, would be easily seen as an insult. It doesn’t really make someone a “Special snowflake” as you put it.

Granted, you may not have the same sentiments as someone else, it doesn’t mean they don’t. The offence has nothing to do with what the message said politically, it had to do with the defilement and use of a goddess. Similar to the use of the swastika.

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Favorite? No,not at all. It actually makes me a bit sick that those phrases warrant use. But, the fact remains that I am watch BLACK MAGICKIANS of all people get offended in the manner of those demographics, and at something that is not even a personal attack being directed at them, so I am going to use them until the offended snowflakes melt. If the shoe fits…

It does. If you are getting offended for someone else, be it a god or another human, then you are exhibiting exactly the kind of psychology that is making this world unlivable. Fuck that. I see that weak BS and I go against it, and go hard. I don’t really give a damn if other people choose to be offended in that way, because I hardly consider that the actions of a person. That’s just a useless, fragmented little bit of ego masquerading and deceiving the person into thinking that it is actually a part of them. I have no patience for it. Tolerance, either. Tolerance is not really my strong suit. If I find no value in something myself, it does not mean it does not have value, but it does mean I could give a damn about it. Because in the end, all I have IS myself. I’m not offended, so I could really care less if someone else was.

And how exactly was that a defilement of Brigid? Goddess or druid, do you really expect me to believe that she had no sense of humor and has never used her influence to sway politics?

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps it was she herself who inspired the director of said propaganda? Apparently not, or folks would not be getting all offended.

And to compare this to the demonization of the swastika is folly. Something tells me that we are not going to see Irish Catholics herded into cattle cars under the banner of Brigid. Call me crazy.

Can we enter back into reality and step away from the fantasy chains imposed upon the self by ego-driven offense? This is madness.




Aww, fuck it…