Hi everyone, today i hexed my exes new girlfriend, she was an asshole to me, belittling me because i’m 18 and she’s 21 like wtf lmao. i sent her a video of the hexing and everything i know she’s scared shitless right now. after i did it i threw up mad. is that a usual side effect?

Are you serious?

In ten minutes we will have this girl here asking us to remove the curse :roll_eyes:


Cant say for it being normal might be a simple effect from stress or other things on your part. Might be from protection around her, or it might be a backlash at you for what you sent forwarden but that would also mean your work takes affect.

On the other note, sending a video may be a stupid move, depending on where you live and the laws that may be viewed as hereasinng or threaths and might Bite you hard as you have given potential evidence against yourself.

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i think she thought i was bluffing, she kept trying me i told her to knock it off. she said she doesn’t believe in this stuff because she believes in god. i said okay good luck

she doesn’t have the vids anymore thankfully it’s sent through IG so i would see if she replayed it or screenshotted it

Just a little word of advice: when you do magick, keep it quiet. Specially baneful magick.

Take it as you will. I’ll see myself out.


And i second @ReyCuervo latest comment. No need to tellbthe victim. Do the work be quite and forget about it.

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While I understand the pleasure of proving a point to someone, I do agree that letting your enemy know that you fired the first shot is not a good idea. It opens up a number of issues, ranging from possible legal repercussions to them getting another person involved with magic in the mix (or them picking it up themselves). There are traditions where some practicenors do that, such as powders being blown into a target’s face, but it is usually within a culture where the magic is considered very real towards the community.

Putting that aside, I can see the stress of exhaustion from ritual in itself causing one to get sick. I have not had it after using baneful work myself, but I can see it happening.

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I find it hilarious that if a guy were to post the exact same thread he’d get a totally different response from everyone lmao

If a guy made a post about hexing his ex gfs new boyfriend? That’s doubtful. There’s been plenty of guys here posting things like that

Keyword: exact same thread. :smile:

Speaking of which to contribute to the thread. Include the ingredients of aloes wood and Calamus/ sweet flag… including these would strengthen your hex / mind control attempts and also calamus assists in love and invoking spirits to aid in your work as Calamus is used for binding. Can be used for mind control