Has anyone used the Hexenspeigel?


Yes I have

can you tell me more. There is not alot on the WWW about it.

Give me some time I’ll find my notes, it’s been a minute sence I did it :slight_smile:


This is interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing your notes as well.

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So I charged the mirror

Sprinkling it with salt

And passing it through the heat and smoke of a candle. .

Then Sprinkling water on it…

I focused on the mirror not allowing negative spirits to pass through. .

And chanted a little spell
For the mirror to keep bad spirits or anything harmful from me.

But I did this back during my more rhp days so it isn’t really the way I would do one now.

I kept my mirror plain

I used it to put candles on, on my altar
It had a very pretty effect.


Thank you for sharing. :blush:

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I use this on a pendant I wear. I talk to him often and he sleeps next to my heart.