Hexed Jewelry

This past month has been a whirlwind of disastrophy and chaos for me – nothing new, Eris has had a stronghold grip in my life for several years now. For a weekend in October I had worked at a Halloween Haunted House and earned a hundred dollars of extra spending money and on a whim decided to get a new piercing at my local tattoo shop. What a mistake that was. I asked for snake bites, and it was a simple painless procedure – quite orgasmic to be honest, I didn’t know a piercing could be so pleasurable, I was in after-glow ecstasy for a good 20 minutes after it was done, and thought nothing much of it. That night I had fell asleep with one of EA lectures playing in the background about the demonic infernal hierarchies and accidently invoked two demons including Astaroth, they were in my room doing some ritual over my body. I felt the heat of their presence, as if I was in a sauna with hot burning coals all around. Their voices were deep and commanding, I had never had an encounter with this sort of class of entity before, so it was quite exciting. Not meaning to offend them, I forced myself out of the dream state because of fear, but had noticed the veils between the spirit realm had thinned. I went back to sleep and had noticed in the morning my back had felt like a chiropractor had come in the night to align me, it was very strange, and I wasn’t threatened by the experience – more enthralled with the possibility I could work with these demons in the future in ritual contexts since they seemed inviting enough, it definitely didn’t feel like an attack. The next night I had another lucid dream, the spiritual energies flooded in with no hesitation and I was accessing dimensions that I had never been to before. It honestly was not a gentle process, and I wasn’t sure what was the objective of these series of dream-like visions except to exhibit the potential of what mind-scapes in dreamtime are able to access. I am trying to see the bright side of this week-long hell ride, but I do think if I am able to consciously harness the power of these magical realms I can greatly enrich my life instead of being a perpetual victim. That night, during one of the segments of dream-time, I felt I was fully awake and 3 werewolves jumped through my window and entered my room. I was frozen with fear, and one of them had bit my toe to prove that it was real. The clarity of the dream was appalling. During this period of time, I also was going through a spur of psychosis. I became preoccupied thinking about the piercing guy, whose name is Stephen, and kept telling myself I wish I never met him, and really was driving myself into self-induced insanity. I took the piercing out because sometimes I would have a thought and the jewelry would get caught in my teeth as if there was a telepathic connection between us and as if he was always listening and that’s a way we would communicate. I was freaked out by the whole thing, so I went to go talk to him and he seemed suspiciously unaware as if the connection had not been burdensome or taxing to him and told me if I wanted it redone he would have no problem with it. I had made a connection between Stephen and one of the deity demi-gods I frequently work with, because I kept getting a lot of signs about Hinduism, and the pleasure that I was getting from the piercing was too noticeable to be irrelated. I was wearing my glasses one day and the nose-bridge piece had started to press down onto my skin and hit a pressure point that was again, totally orgasmic, it was painful and pleasurable and I had kept it like that for a good 20 minutes, it was such a strange sensation. Anyways, it starts to turn dark after that. I was really attracted to this kid, in a like ‘you seem cool but I’m not gonna make anything of it’ except that I felt he had catalyst a whole series of chaotic events in my life. I went back to get the piercing redone on one side and that night I had a series of hellish visions, the most disturbing imagery one could possibly imagine, and then felt as if I was dying, it was truly horrific. After that I took the piercing out and vowed never to go back but my friend invited me to his house for a party and on my way there I passed the tattoo shop and my feet would not let me leave the area until I talked to him. I go in and all over the walls I notice band stickers that say death threat on them, and he goes in the back and calls the cops on me, even though to my face he was cordial and didn’t alert me anything was wrong. I had asked him before if he reads, and he said he was reading Harry Potter so that was definitely an indicator that he was casting on me. I was getting a lot of mixed signals, because I have been reposting for the past two months on facebook this game ad that is looking for Elven city planners. After I first met him I noticed all the trees and foilage had the most vibrant, beautiful colors. Even the rocks, all of nature was so beautiful, like I had woken up with new eyes. I also went food shopping and purchased a bunch of new organic packaged food and a pomegranate which is uncharacteristic of me, and pomegranates are one of the mason’s symbols. Anyways, I am like completely terrified of this guy cause I don’t really have a full understanding of what happened, but I keep forcing with his thought-form unintentionally as if he was me, like imagining his face overlayed on mine. I am really distraught, strangely attracted and morally repulsed by everything that happened and am glad to be alive to this point. It could of panned out a lot differently, but maybe I can ascribe more meaning to it as time passes. Just want to be safe.