Hex target and Shadow Man

I hexed my relatives abusive partner. It is working very hard and swiftly on him.

The target and my relative started seeing a Shadow man at night time wandering and staring at him.

My relative is just fine and left alone,but the Shadow Man is affecting the target.

I never sent this shadow figure, I used a Demon I work with to hex him. Is the Shadow Man a tool of the demons to torment? or is this manifestation a demonic attachment to him showing itself this way?

Things are working that he is weak enough for her to plan leaving so it is a success,just curious as to the appearance of this entity and his decline.

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Are you talking about the man in the top hat?

No, he reports a tall black hooded faceless entity watching him at night. Not the Hag and the hat man sleep paralysis spirits / entities.

Likely a manifestation of your intent in the way you perceive your aggression maybe, or a calling of a parasite to a new host


I second that. But it could also just be the demon you sent for him. We know very well that most demons can appear however they want to appear.
But also to add, the idea of “Shadow People” and any thing similar to this is very very present in cultural consciousness right now, So it would certainly be a good form to choose as it is damn near immediately identifiable. Good form to compound fear in someone, as even if the target doesn’t know what it is, someone around them will, and say something to compound the paranoia and fear.
Using a “Snowball” mechanic sounds very smart, and does more of the “heavy lifting” for the entity doing the deed in question.

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Sounds to me like your curse is working well then, from what you initially reported, it sounds like he was both emotionally and physically abusive, and from what you just said that exactly what is being taken from him.

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Sounds like a great success then. Revel as your enemy is driven before you! :wink:

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Hey, it could just be how he perceives the demon, but to me it seems like another spirit you’re friends with helping you out, could be worth looking into it.

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