Heyo. I’m pathworking through black magick and wondering if there is some way to stop myself from becoming a hermit. It sometimes seems rather difficult to engage with the mundane world, the deeper I descend into the rabbit hole of the left hand path.


Venus and mercury are most social skills and communication, the moon is personality and influencing emotions. You just need an air of normalcy combined with social skills. I am not saying you specifically are strange, but occult work can give anyone a sort of alien , foreboding about you. Also after you do you work, practice sort of toning down , the energy you worked with


That makes sense! So I should just basically ground more and work with spirits that will help me develop “normal people” skills?


@ Drip I used the rocks to draw energy while having normal conversations this past weekend… It makes for a fun reason to hunt…

This is a result of becoming polarized in the middle 2 pillars man. Its a good thing. I felt the exact same way. Yes you start to disconnect and thats fine. When the time is right, and maybe that is now because you are realizing something about yourself (know thy self), and becoming aware. When you feel its the right time, come back to the mundane with the profound knowledge that you have, and bring the powers with you from the spirit world. As EA would say, that is blasphemy. I can now function in both worlds in unison. My mentor calls this stage 2.


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@ Drip I used the rocks to draw energy while having normal conversations this past weekend… It makes for a fun reason to hunt…

You are so correct. I find myself having a lot of fun with mundane tasks such as grocery shopping, etc. Every time I venture out is a new experience for me, deepening my existence as a predator.

You are so right. E.A. mentioned something else I liked too: that the mundane world is a mirror, reflecting back at you how effective your magick actually is. It’s a pretty cool idea. What I’m working on now is evoking entities whose powers are in line with my goal and just sitting in their presence, conversing with them, soaking up their knowledge, activating their powers in myself and in my present circumstances. I’m already learning so much about my material life that I’m excited to apply. Like, I didn’t previously realize that they’ll teach you both mundane and magical skills to apply towards your desires. It’s pretty cool. So I can totally see where you’re coming from with the “taking the spirit world with you”.


I had never seen first hand my results I have always done this when I felt the targets were asleep.

Ahh. If you do this in public, the person usually instinctually looks at you, visibly uncomfortable. If you do it enough and you’re actually in conversation with the person (like a boyfriend or family members) they’ll suddenly remark that they’re lightheaded and need to eat something, or that they’re unusually tired and can’t figure out why.

I did a kinda picking of fruit- feeling when I interacted with someone one on one they gave me energy and I would smile interact and they would give more than was necessary… This one guy was I am sorry going on a limb here flirting with me overly trying to get me to converse and I just allowed him to throw his fruit nodding at him- I was a morbidly obese person so having someone flirt and give me this attention is weird but I was on a mission to test my skills. I picked up the excess energy and storing the good in the crystal and the bad in the breakslag. stone.

I did this ritual when I was with a man sexually and what occurred after I started draining was not exciting - like I did not get satisfied… It was like I sucked everything out of him… Sorry I would rather enjoy that event then drain energy during sex.

Yeah that’s a downside. I experienced the opposite though. Feeding from a partner, feeling in the mood from the influx of energy, but my partner suddenly being too tired for any sex.

Yes grounding also works, you could even specifically work with the element of earth for an air of normalcy

Makes sense, makes sense.