Hermes Draw

Being someone who does Tarot with a set of playing cards used by the Jim Jones cult (my Father was one of them, showed up a bit too late to the Koolaid suicides when he decided to do mushrooms with the Grateful Dead before showing up) I decided instead of using the cards to predict outcomes, why not dictate my choices by the cards?

Out came “Hermes Draw”:
I got out a fresh set of cards that I hadn’t touched since I was a child, transparent “Crazy cards”.

First we shuffle the deck and draw 4 cards. This is your Crossroads, you need to make any choices for the week? Aim them in a direction brought from the draw.

Suit dictates topic, my suits to topics are as such:
:heart: = Music
:gem: = Tech
:four_leaf_clover: = Art
:spades: = Intel/Story (if I’ve learned anything studying Religion, Occult, History and News its that those 2 are interchangeable dependent on stance)

When you choose your topics, make 4 important choices:
:heart:What keeps my blood flowing?
:gem:What will make me money?
:four_leaf_clover:What do I spread like a weed?
:spades:What will burry me?

Next comes the position which show your task, these I dictated by what beings I find inhabit certain variables as well as a bit of thought work:

Aces are free, both top and bottom, 1 and 11, you’re free to choose the task but the topic remains.

2 means you and another. I usually attribute this to snakes so think to duality with this task and know that what you find true and what you find false are both actually true, it’s just to see where you stand. Task is Read.

3 I attribute to the trinity, father son and the holy spirit, you your inspiration and the invisible hand, the task is write. But any Hecate follower within her labyrinth would know the reason the her 3 pointed Crossroads make her a Goddess of Death is if you attempt to run straight through it without making any turns eventually you’ll plow into a wall. You’re language teacher taught you of drafts and proofreading right?

4 is another crossroads, or a cross even, task is Gather choices without necessarily delving into them. Subtopics, a read later listing, anything pointed towards the topic. Hermes and Christ tell of life after death, your own personal psychopomps, don’t worry if you don’t get through them all.

5 is attributed to God, the 1 and 0 baselining out to 5, so Create. Good creation? Bad creation? Who cares it’s all between 1 and 0, The A1pha and The 0mega.

6 is often attributed to the Devil. When let’s face it, you’re just trying to 1 up Creation. Your task is deconstruct, spend some time taking apart what you’ve done. Shame on you.

7 is Lady Luck, whats the first thing that popped in your head pulling this card? Thats your task. Are you feeling lucky punk?

8 is infinite sideways, I often see the ourosboros as an 8 as half of the dragon is chasing destruction and the other is running for preservation yet being 1, yin and yang each become whole and connect, existence and non existence, 8fold path. This is where you connect.

9 I attribute to Shiva, started in a little flipping match with the Doomsday clock for self preservation, (6 is flipped 9):
“now its almost midnight, The worlds ending”
“no it’s almost 6, free your sins!” Repeat
So flip your deconstruction hat upside down and construct. (Just remember the Snakes and deceivers at play.

10 is perfect, obviously. So perfect what you’ve done and perfect what you know, nothings perfectly done until you give up on it.

Jacks are good at two things, Jack, and Jack Shit. Do nothing or steal something you pompous prince. You could even jack off if you wanted.

Queens are the best at showing off, so stunt on someone. Just be careful of the Queen of Diamonds if you’re social climbing and are touchy on your ego. There’s always someone with more money up to belittling you, and infinite money means infinite resource.

Kings like to be the top of their game and are constant to prove their place, but never really one to show their feats. Rather they Judge. So your task as King is to judge.

And lastly the Joker, draw 1 more card, and choose 1 of the 4 to completely dedicate to.