Here's an idea

Was listening to the new EA interview on truth frequencie. I had an idea, anyone interested in trying to do some sort of occult/paranormal show we could post on the web?

During my evocation of Belial lastnight my Keurig turned on and started heating up to pour me some tea. Abd then later a female voice mumbled something to me in my living room. I would be down for this.

OmOne thing, if we do this I would be interested in getting a freind or two of mine in the area on this as a co-host, I wonder how I would go about finding a good way to record this. As just using a mic by the computer might not cut it, especially my crappy mic.

It Would Be Cool To See E.A Koetting And Dante Abiel Do An Interview Haunted Location.see them call and evoke the spirits in a haunted building